Foxtel to Launch Triple Play of Fixed-Line Telephony, Television and Broadband

Foxtel to Launch Triple Play of Fixed-Line Telephony, Television and Broadband

Foxtel announced that its television service will be bundled with a broadband Internet service and fixed-line telephone services. Foxtel’s major shareholders’ Telstra and News Australia have already approved this plan and the implementation of its wholesale agreement with Telstra.

Foxtel can now sell fixed-line broadband and telephone services across the nation because of this agreement with Telstra. It can now do this through Telstra’s ADSL network and the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel CEO said in an interview, “This is a transformative event for the Foxtel business. It will enable us to greatly enhance the breadth, quality and value of the services we offer to customers while opening up significant opportunities for growth. International experience demonstrates that triple play and broadband bundles have been hugely popular with consumers and have allowed operators to boost take up of subscription TV services.

“Broadband and telephony will be a tremendous complement to the traditional Foxtel service, soon to be delivered by our world leading broadcast and IP-enabled iQ3 set top box. These new services will join our continually expanding offering, which includes highly flexible IP products – Foxtel Play, Foxtel Go, and the brand new online and on-demand movie service Presto.

“These new products will draw on Foxtel’s investment in customer service and billing capability, its strong brand and rich content offerings. It is anticipated that they will enable us to acquire new subscribers and reduce churn by increasing choice and broadening the appeal of our offering.”

Foxtel Triple Play – the new bundled service will include:

bundle discounts with competitive terms;

easy switching & installation;

customers can get more out of their subscription with unlimited access to Foxtel’s great range of ‘IP services’ such as Foxtel Go and On Demand when they use it through their home broadband connection;

better customer care and technical support;

the convenience of single billing for all products.

The pricing and other terms and conditions will be announced prior to the launch of these services in late 2014.

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