Discover Foxtel's Newest Features and Start Streaming On the Go

Foxtel GO

While Foxtel Go didn’t really go anywhere, as it was only rebranded to just “Foxtel”, streaming on the free app remained “Foxtel Go” for many customers, even if it stopped being the official name. That’s over now, though, with Foxtel Go officially back.

  And what better way to make a comeback than to with some new tricks. That’s right — Foxtel Go has been revamped with several enticing changes, combining utmost entertainment and convenience, starting with HD streaming. The app used to only stream content in standard definition but that’s a thing of the past. Now, Foxtel customers can stream both live channels and on-demand content in high definition!

Stream Content in HD

Foxtel users can now enjoy streaming with Foxtel Go’s all-new HD capacity. It’s perfect for watching movies and shows on the latest devices. Since the picture quality has five times the pixels of standard definition, this can easily enhance the whole viewing experience. Even better — you’re not required to have the HD pack on your Foxtel service.

Regardless of whether you have the HD pack or not, you can still enjoy HD on Foxtel Go. And if you’re using a device that has excellent resolution, that only means greater video quality. Considering Foxtel Go is a free streaming app which comes with your Foxtel service, this whole upgrade to HD is truly awesome.

Want to Get Foxtel? Know Your Options!

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Chromecast and AirPlay Support

The features get more exciting from here — including total support for Chromecast and AirPlay devices. This includes streaming in HD, too, so these are quite impressive enhancements. However, this is also where things become less accessible. In order to cast content on the big screen with the use of Chromecast or AirPlay, you need to have “Multiroom” with Foxtel.

To have Multi-room means to have more than one Foxtel box. This then enables casting from your device to the big screen TV in the living room, which is pretty much the equivalent of the perfect downtime — lazing on the couch with a high definition picture in front of you.

Added Features for Your Convenience

Since entertainment right on your screen is all about recreation, why not maximise it with a couple more features that are just downright convenient? For starters, there’s the ever-handy Watchlist for adding the TV shows you want to watch to an actual, viewable list and not just the back of your mind. The Watchlist then appears right on your homescreen so it’s one of the first things you see when you load the app.

And when you’re having a tough time remembering the last episode you’ve watched (that easily happens!), there’s the Continue Watching feature across all Foxtel Go mobile devices, to help you pick up where you left off. Even minor additions like this one can prove to be a time-saver.

More importantly, streaming via Foxtel Go doesn’t need to happen only on small devices — at least not anymore. Thanks to the all-new web support for Google Chrome and Safari, you can now stream all kinds of amazing content via Foxtel Go on your PC or Mac. Naturally, the more options available, the better. Closed captions are a notable improvement on the Foxtel Go app, too!