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Foxtel BoxSets makes big news

Foxtel is launching an exciting new channel called Foxtel BoxSets on the 3rd of November this year. The channel is targeted at Australians that are getting on the binge-watching bandwagon and like to watch their favorite shows in back-to-back marathon sessions.

Foxtel Boxsets is set to appear on channel 116. Upon launch, it will feature rotating, continuously updating episodes of the following hit TV shows:

Game of Thrones – Seasons 1-4

The Sopranos – Seasons 1-6

Big Love – Seasons 1-5

The Newsroom – Seasons 1-2

Rome – Seasons 1-2

Band of Brothers

Entourage – Seasons 1-8

Wentworth – Seasons 1-2

As you can see, Foxtel BoxSets contains HBO content not found on Netflix as well as content that is categorized as PPV on Quickflix, which may entice customers away from these other services.

Users that have internet connected iQ boxes will be able to watch the following popular shows on demand:

Looking (Season 1)

Girls (Seasons 1-3)

Angels in America

Getting On

Foxtel is offering BoxSets for free to existing customers that subscribe to any other pack in addition to the basic Entertainment package. New customers will have to sign up for the Drama pack ($20) which, in addition to BoxSets, contains the BBC First, 13th Street, Showcase, FX and SoHo channels.

With the new channel, Foxtel is making itself known as a serious contender in the Australian entertainment market.

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