Foxtel Big Winter Sale: 2016 Reasons You'll Seriously Like it!


Is Foxtel’s Big Winter Sale “The Best Ever”?

SYDNEY, 23 May, 2016. Just yesterday Foxtel announced their 2016 end of financial year sale the ‘Big Winter Sale’.

The cable TV provider promises its end of financial year sale delivers access to the top-of-the-line Platinum HD pack at can’t-miss-savings. PLUS new subscribers will no longer have to wait to enjoy Live Streaming sport or their other favourite shows, as Foxtel Go is now available within minutes of signing up.

Subscribers to this offer are able to try every Foxtel pack for free for first two months of a 12-month plan. This allows new members the enviable opportunity to get a feel for the TV content that suits their tastes – without worrying about the up-front costs.

The Platinum HD pack includes every channel pack available through Foxtel.

To date, this includes:

  • Entertainment pack (45 channels)
  • Sports pack (including over 40 different sports)
  • Drama pack (Game of Thrones plus more!)
  • Movie pack (with 9 themed movie channels)
  • Docos pack
  • Entertainment Plus pack (best shows and movies)
  • Kids pack (which lets you entertain and inspire young ones throughout the day)

Essentially, this offer gives Foxtel users access to every piece of content available. The Entertainment is the basic option available for every Foxtel subscriber. It features a massive 45 channels to choose from – enough to find something to watch at any time of day. And the EOFYS offer helps new subscribers expand their option.

For example, if you are into sports, then the Sports pack has you covered.

Foxtel offers a huge range of competitions across their twelve unique Sport channels, soon to be expanded to fifteen. These include the 2016 AFL Premiership, NRL Premiership, V8 Supercars Championships, Formula 1 World Championship, Super Rugby, UEFA Europa League, Champions League, Spanish La Liga, Hyundai A League and more. And Foxtel assures subscribers that they can view every round of these sports live.

In a similar theme, the Movie pack delivers nine channels packed with big-screen titles.

These channels are available 24 hours a day, and are all aired commercial-free. So subscribers can watch their big-screen favourites without interruption. Popular titles available include Ant Man, Fight Club, Interstellar, Paper Towns, Inside Out, Minions, and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

Foxtel’s Platinum HD combo also includes the Drama pack.

This pack delivers a huge range of dramatic content, including the showcase channel, which features the latest series of Game of Thrones. For those that want to catch up on past episodes, the Box Sets channel lets subscribers watch GoT series 1-5, making sure everyone’s up to date on the happenings of Westeros. For added drama, the pack also delivers the 13th Street, BBC First, SoHo and FX channels.

The Platinum HD offer also includes the latest iQ3 set top unit.

The iQ3 unit is exclusive to Foxtel and enables subscribers to enjoy TV more with a range of features. These features include the ability to record up to three shows while watching a fourth. Users can also re-start a program “with the touch of a button”. And the IQ3’s “Look Back” feature also lets subscribers review and select shows from the TV guide up to 24 hrs in the past, and watch selected shows.

As part of the Big Winter Sale, the iQ3 is available with no equipment fee. This means that new subscribers get the latest Foxtel set top box and the latest features without spending more.

In a similar vein, the offer also includes free installation. So new subscribers can access the best that Foxtel has to offer without worrying about setup fees.

The Foxtel Big Winter Sale is also aimed at the frugally minded. In total, new subscribers to the Platinum HD pack able to save $495 on the entertainment experience of choice.

Foxtel points out that the minimum cost for a 12-month subscription is $1350 on direct debit. The sale is for new residential subscribers and standard installs only, and cancellation fees apply.

Get Instant Access with Foxtel Go

Foxtel has kindly given new subscribers access to its app Foxtel Go as soon as you signup – so now while you’re waiting for a technician to arrive you can still catch up on all your favourite shows by live streaming them – all within minutes of signing up. With Foxtel Go live streaming you’ll be able to bring your entertainment with you wherever you go using compatible Mobile devices.

The offer ends on June 21, 2016. Ongoing subscription fees for Platinum HD will be $135/month for the remaining ten months.

See our extensive Foxtel “Winter Sale” guide for more details.


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