Foxtel Announces Launch of Live 4K Channel and iQ4 Set-Top Box

Foxtel once again paves the way for the future of TV, as they announce the launch of a new, dedicated 4K Live channel — the first and only in Australian television. This comes with the announcement of the new iQ4 set-top box, which is heralded as Foxtel’s most advanced streaming set-top with smarter features, making your Foxtel viewing so much easier and convenient. Live 4K arrives in October, just in time for the kick off of Foxtel’s coverage of the international cricket games come November — making history for Australian sport and entertainment viewing.

All About Foxtel’s Live 4K

Going all the way back to its launch in the 1990s, Foxtel has since been the market leader in pay TV in Australia, having consistently led the way in innovating how Aussies watch and stream entertainment and sports right at the comfort of their own homes or on the go.

The announcement of the arrival of a new, dedicated 4K Live channel marks another first in Australian television, providing viewers with a new wave of viewing experience and an unprecedented way to enjoy sporting events, documentaries, movies, entertainment, and so much more through Australia’s only guaranteed 4K satellite signal.

Excited yet? Good news is, you’ll just have to wait a little more than a month before Foxtel in 4K officially launches this coming October. You can find it on channel 444 and will come as part either a Foxtel Platinum HDor Foxtel Sports HD subscription for customers with an iQ4 box.

Upon the channel’s launch, viewers can start watching live sport, documentaries, concerts and so much more. Foxtel also guarantees the expansion of unique 4K content over the next 12 months, available exclusively to its subscribers.

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The New iQ4 Set-Top Box

In order to get access to Foxtel’s 4K live channel, you’ll need to have the new iQ4 set-top box, which is said to be Foxtel’s most advanced streaming set-top with smarter features that would make your viewing so much more convenient. Having this enables you to enjoy Australia’s ultimate sports and entertainment services in HD and 4K UHD.

What’s great about this new set-top box is how it fully maximises the value of your Foxtel subscription. This is because the new iQ4 combines satellite delivery, amazing 4K programming via the 4K live channel, plus a host of other features including other linear channels, and a massive library of TV and movies to stream On Demand via the internet.

Foxtel Creates History With Cricket in 4K

Speaking of a new way of watching sports, Foxtel’s 4K launch also arrives just in time for the kickoff game between Australia and South Africa on November 4, which is part of Foxtel’s coverage of international cricket. Sports fans would surely be left in awe with Foxtel’s 4K channel, bringing the sights of the game like you’ve never seen nor experienced it before.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Foxtel’s Platinum HD or Sports HD combo now and get your very own iQ4 box to get you up and ready for the arrival of the only live 4K programming in Australia!