All the Entertainment you need: Foxtel 200GB + Platinum TV Bundle


Foxtel’s 200GB + Platinum TV bundle


Looking for a bundle to satisfy both your pay TV and internet needs? Foxtel is currently offering a 200GB and Platinum HD bundle that basically offers all the entertainment you can handle. A great fit for the entire family.


The 200GB + Platinum HD bundle from Foxtel costs $192/month on a two-year contract and comes packed with everything you need to stay entertained during the quality time you spend at home. The bundle is available on both NBN and ADSL connections and comes with 200GB of data, which should be more than enough to satisfy your needs. As long as you’re not a particularly avid streamer or downloader, that is. You can check if that’s enough using our handy broadband usage guide.

It’s also worth mentioning that Foxtel Broadband is YouTube HD verified, for less buffering and superior HD video streaming. If you’re on the NBN, the bundle comes at the 12/1 speed tier, but you can upgrade your speed for an extra monthly fee. Accessing the fastest tier, 100/40, will add an extra $40 to your bill.

Furthermore, the Platinum HD pack includes every Foxtel TV channel pack available – that’s over 90 channels in total. Plus, you also get a home phone line with unlimited standard local calls.
If you think you’ll need even more data, you can spring for the Unlimited data + Platinum HD bundle, which comes at $202/month. The offer ends September 9.

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Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with Foxtel

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