FoxFlicks Delivers Hit Movies to Stream or Download on Your iQ Box!

Foxtel FoxFlicks

There’s been a lot of big changes at Foxtel recently, from news of an upcoming 4K satellite channel to the launch of the brand new iQ4 box. This week, it’s the movies that get some time in the spotlight, with the completely redesigned on-demand movie library now branded as FoxFlicks.

With ten movie channels screening everything from the latest blockbuster hits to the all-time classics, 24 hours a day, Foxtel has had a healthy movie library at hand for a good long while. And while most of it has been available on demand for users of internet-connected iQ boxes and the Foxtel app, the movies have been buried in a section that divided them up into basic categories and let you try your luck at finding something you wanted to watch.

Finally, the Foxtel movies section has gotten a much-needed renovation, and the result is FoxFlicks, which you’ll find right now on your iQ3 or the brand new iQ4 box in the On Demand section, as long as your box is connected to broadband. With over 1000 movies in the library and a new movie added every day, the emphasis here is on fun, with themed playlists that let you binge on movies to suit your mood. Whether it’s a bunch of movies starring The Rock, a playlist full of great family films, a selection from famed film critic Margaret Pomeranz, or even movies so bad they’re good, you’ll find a playlist here to please you.

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Highlights of the FoxFlicks experience include:

Stream or Download, Your Choice

  • Every movie can be streamed instantly or downloaded to the iQ to watch later
  • Downloaded movies can be stored for up to a month

No Ads, No Irritations

  • Every movie on FoxFlicks is completely ad-free from start to finish
  • There’s no annoying “watermark” or logo in the corner of the screen
  • Pause your movie any time, then easily get back to it later from the iQ home screen

Best of All — It’s Included!

  • Stream and download as much as you like
  • Linked to the Foxtel Store for purchase or rental of the very latest movies

If you’re not currently a Foxtel customer, this is a great time to check out their current packages on offer and get hooked up with the brand new, 4K-enabled, ultra-fast iQ4 box!

How Can You Get Some FoxFlicks in Your Life?

To explore and start watching with FoxFlicks, all you’ll need is either an iQ3 or iQ4 box, connected to broadband by either Wi-Fi or cable. While you’ll ideally have a connection that’s fast and stable enough for streaming, the download feature available with FoxFlicks means that even those with less-than-perfect broadband will be able to enjoy movies on demand in HD.

FoxFlicks looks likely to be added to Foxtel’s mobile app in the not too distant future, too.

As mentioned, the service is provided to all subscribers of either Foxtel Movies or Platinum HD at no extra charge — just hit that Home button and start browsing for something to watch tonight!