Foxtel Hits PlayStation for New Season of Game of Thrones

Sony and Foxtel came together recently and launched Foxtel Play content streaming on PlayStation 3. Both companies hope to capture audiences and who have anxiously awaited the fourth season of Game of Thrones that premiered this past week.

Foxtel Play content streaming on PlayStation 3 is available for free download on Playstation 3 and will be available soon on PlayStation 4. Users will need a subscription to use Play in a long-term capacity.
Customers can pay the minimum monthly fee of $25 and receive one of four available basic channel packs. Customers can also choose to subscribe to all four packs and pay $50 per month.

Customers who are interested in watching Game of Thrones will be able to watch the show on Foxtel’s “premium Movies and Drama” package for $10 per month for the first three-months of a subscription-a discount from the usual $25 per month on top of basic service. Fans of the show can use this discount to their advantage and ride out the season on a discounted rate.

Foxtel’s Premium Movies and Drama package also includes all of their movie channels, including popular genres, such as thrillers, action, comedy, family as well as premier movies. Foxtel Deals.

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