Fetch TV and M2 Telecommunications team-up in pay TV deal

Pay TV Deal means subscription provider Fetch TV will be the main partner of M2 Telecommunications when it enters the pay television business.

Fetch TV

Pay TV Deal

Geoff Horth, the chief executive of M2 was not available to comment, but a spokeswoman for M2 Telecommunications confirmed the plans. She said that discussions with Fetch TV just started and it was still very early to say when the product would be launched. However, Fairfax Media knows that M2 is currently doing technical trials with Fetch TV’s set-top-box unit.

M2 would expose Fetch TV’s offering to 385,000 broadband subscribers if a final agreement would be reached. This includes the subscribers of Dodo which it bought last year. This also makes it the third largest carrier to partner with the new pay TV player.

Astro Malaysia Holdings, a Malaysian media and entertainment giant invested $50 million in Fetch TV as its 40 per cent majority owner according to some sources.

Fetch TV’s prospects of challenging Telstra and Foxtel in the pay TV market will be strengthened by the M2 agreement.

Today, Telstra, Foxtel and Fetch TV are currently the only companies which offer set-top-box platforms in major metropolitan cities, outside Canberra. A number of over-the-top online TV services are still yet to be launched in Australia.

After the end of two quarters which ended in December 2013, Foxtel reported having 2.5 million subscribers.  Fetch TV meanwhile reported that it expects to have more than 130,000 subscribers after this month.

Recently, Fetch TV has also announced plans to launch a product that would cater directly to consumers. Industry sources say this move was made to encourage consumers to switch to Optus or iiNet because both carriers deliver the IPTV service without letting their customers pay for the download capacity it needs.