Fetch “brings it” with multimillion-dollar TV marketing strategy


Fetch We Bring It


Say farewell to Fetch TV and hello to Fetch. The pay TV telco recently decided to drop the ‘TV’ from the name in an effort to rebrand itself and appeal to a wider variety of consumers. Fetch is also planning to launch a multimillion-dollar consumer ad campaign to take maximum advantage of the roll out of the NBN.


From now on, Fetch TV will simply be known as Fetch. The telco recently rebranded itself and decided to launch a large-scale consumer ad campaign. Fetch’s new tagline? “We bring it.”

Not only that, but all broadband providers partnering with the service will also advertise it simply as Fetch. Up until this point, each one had a different name for their Fetch bundles, which may have made things a bit confusing for potential subscribers.

For instance, while Optus called their bundle “Yes TV by Fetch with Optus,” iiNet customers were subscribing to “iiNet TV with Fetch.” To maintain a consistent and coherent brand strategy for the pay TV service, however, all broadband providers will simply call it Fetch.

Furthermore, Fetch is also planning to spend around $10 million in the following months on advertising in all mediums – radio, television, cinema and online. This way, Fetch hopes to take maximum advantage of the NBN roll out. Why? Lots of Aussies are looking to switch to the NBN and maybe find new and more advantageous broadband providers. It’s only natural for Fetch to want its name known to entertainment enthusiasts signing new deals. Right now, the only major broadband provider that doesn’t offer Fetch in bundles is Telstra.

A worthy alternative to Foxtel, Fetch offers access to great channels to watch or record, the latest movies to rent or buy, popular shows to own, and easy access to apps like Netflix on your TV. The ad campaign comes shortly after the telco launched its Skinny channel packs – which start at only $6/month.