Fetch TV snares Netflix


Fetch TV, a large IPTV and movie streaming subscription provider, announced that it will be the first Australian pay TV provider to offer the Netflix service. Expected to launch on March 31 in Australia, Netflix will be available via the Australian company’s second-generation internet-enabled set-top box, allowing over 170,000 Australian homes to enjoy popular movies and shows, including Netflix originals such as Marco Polo and Bloodline.

Commenting on the news, Netflix’s head of business development Bill Holmes said, “As we surveyed the Australian market, Netflix was impressed by the Fetch TV service, unique business model, and the committed coalition of Telco partners. By partnering with Fetch TV, we are making it easy for TV fans and movie lovers to watch Netflix on their televisions.

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One of the biggest benefits the American streaming servicereaps from this partnership is allowing users to stream on mobile devices. While it believed that every internet-enabled home entertainment device could support its service, Netflix was not sure that viewers would be able to watch their content on their devices. However, Fetch TV shared that it plans to have a dedicated app on its second generation box from the first day of Netflix’s launch, making it the first pay TV service in Australia to offer Netflix built-in.

Today’s announcement represents a significant milestone for Fetch TV and our partners, and a very exciting development for our 170,000 plus customers,’’ Fetch TV CEO Scott Lorson said. “Netflix is the clear world leader in online entertainment, with a powerful brand, compelling content, and an unparalleled reputation for innovation and disruption. Netflix perfectly complements the Fetch TV service. We are now able to offer Australian consumers a world-class integrated entertainment offering at unprecedented value.

Currently, Fetch TV promises clients a wide array of perks, including a 1 TB personal video recorder, over 4,000 movies through a virtual video store, 38 subscription channels from top TV content providers, and additional access through free iOS and Android apps. However, for an additional low monthly fee, subscribers in both Australia and New Zealand will get access to Netflix’s growing list of movies and shows.


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