Exetel’s 12-Month NBN and ADSL Plans Offering up to 2 Months Free

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Exetel’s new broadband plans are all about scoring huge savings with plenty of bonuses to enjoy. To start with, all NBN and ADSL plans have their activation fees automatically waived.  You get even more when you choose to stay connected for 12 months, which includes a free WiFi modem valued at $140.

On top of that, you receive your first 2 months free when you choose unlimited NBN on the premium speed plan. You also get the same 2-month free service credit when you sign up for an unlimited ADSL on a 12-month plan. As Australia’s largest independent telco provider, Exetel broadband cares more about what the customers want. Their NBN and ADSL deals clearly manifest this.

Enjoy Up to 2 Months Free with Exetel’s Premium NBN

If you prefer faster internet, one that is configured on the 100/40Mbps speed tier, now would be a good time to check Exetel’s latest offer. You get your first 2 months free when you choose the unlimited premium speed plan on a 12-month term at $89.99 per month. Not only do you get broadband connection of impressive speed, you also save around $180 on plan fees.

If you don’t need unlimited data, you can always opt the 500GB premium speed plan priced at $79.99/month to get 1 month of free internet. That’s not the only savings you’re entitled to have when you join Exetel’s network — your plan also includes a free WiFi modem, sparing you the supposedly additional modem fee. Even so, Exetel offers cheaper prices on modems for customers who’ve signed up for a month-to-month plan at only $59.

To add value to your internet plan, bundling it with a phone line makes sense, considering it’s the cheapest in Australia. For only $10 per month, you get unlimited local and national calls, as well as calls to 1300/13 numbers, Aussie mobiles, and even unlimited calls to 10 international destinations, including the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Canada.

Get Exetel’s NBN-Ready ADSL and Score Huge Savings

Exetel’s ADSL plans are definitely among the most reasonably priced ones. For only $54.99 per month, you can get unlimited data with other valuable inclusions. You can choose between a 12-month term or go month-to-month with no lock-in contract. The good thing is that both contract options can score you free credit.

That’s 1 month free for month-to-month and 2 months free if you’re fine with getting locked in for 12 months, plus an included WiFi modem with free shipping. ADSL plans also come with a home phone line with pay as you go calls. Even better, you can easily switch to the NBN as soon as it becomes available without the extra fees.

Exetel Delivers Fast Broadband at the Best Rates Available

All the telco services that the company offers are designed to achieve their first and foremost goal — to make sure customers get what they want. Exetel is also one of the few telcos that doesn’t split your download allowance between peak and off-peak periods, so you can utilise your data whenever you need it. That’s one less hassle taken away from your day to day.

Often use the internet for streaming? Exetel’s NBN and ADSL plans are designed to optimise the performance of video streaming services so you get the best possible viewing experience. And if you need to switch to another plan, you totally can because changing plan is free. Whatever you need from your internet, Exetel has already made it simpler for you.


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