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Dodo Unlimited NBN Plan Plus Mobile Data

Dodo Broadband’s unlimited plans are known for their quality and value, the very combination that customers look for in a provider. While this is already a given for the telco thanks to their flexible and affordable broadband plans, it figures customers deserve more exciting bonuses so that you don’t only enjoy a great service but also bigger savings.

That’s why starting this month, Dodo offers 12GB bonus data for three months when you sign up for their unlimited NBN plan on a 12-month contract. That’s 12GB of mobile data over a three-month period for free! This gives you the advantage of browsing and streaming even when you’re on the go, which usually is the case with a lot of people today.

Aside from the offer being timely and extremely useful, it’s great to know that by taking advantage of Dodo’s promotion, you get to save around $90 since a 12GB mobile plan is valued at $29.90 per month. Hence, for the first three months, you’ll only pay $69.90 per month for both the unlimited NBN broadband and 12GB mobile plan — how’s that for awesome beginnings?

Dodo’s unlimited plan also features super fast NBN speed tier with the inclusion of a WiFi modem. That only means limitless streaming, gaming, and downloading. Basically, all the fun stuff you can do with unlimited data. You won’t need to worry about your data cap ever. And the 12GB mobile data? That already covers your standard Internet needs, such as emails, social media, and browsing.

If you can’t wait to watch the new episodes of your favourite show, Dodo’s free mobile data can also take care of your streaming needs wherever you are. Moreover, the bonus 12GB mobile data for three months also includes unlimited calls and texts. After three months, the monthly cost for the unlimited NBN plan plus 12GB mobile data will be $99.80, which is still quite reasonably priced considering the inclusions.

Here’s a couple of highlights:

Unlimited NBN from Dodo Plus 12GB Mobile Data

  • Sign up for Dodo’s unlimited NBN and get 12GB mobile data for three months free!
  • Pay only $69.90 per month for three months for both the unlimited NBN and mobile plan.
  • A 12GB mobile plan that also includes unlimited call and text has a monthly cost of $29.90.

Enjoy Big Savings

  • Save as much as $90 when you sign up for this offer.
  • Dodo’s unlimited NBN broadband plan also includes a free WiFi modem.
  • After 3 months, unlimited NBN plus 12GB mobile plan will cost $99.80/mo.

How to Get Started

It’s quite easy. Explore Dodo’s broadband plans here to figure out what exactly you need.

Limited Offer Only!

This promotion is still ongoing so grab the chance to experience Dodo’s solid network while enjoying freebies and bonuses at the same time. Learn more about this great offer from Dodo.

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