Dodo is Offering $10 Off Their Superfast Unlimited NBN Broadband

Dodo Broadband Discount details

Dodo has since established itself as the go-to Internet provider among budget-conscious customers. But the telco’s penchant for providing remarkable services doesn’t end on their affordable plans. More often than anticipated, Dodo throws in a mix of surprises and bonuses. This time, it’s the $10 supercharged NBN plan discount that’s up for grabs.

For a limited time, Dodo offers its fastest NBN speed tier at a discounted rate. From the original $79.90 monthly fee, customers can now get it for $69.90 – that’s 10 bucks of monthly savings. When it comes to amazing combination of deals, trust Dodo to go for it. 

About Dodo

The combination of Dodo Broadband’s reasonable pricing and top-quality NBN plans is what made the telco closer to customers looking for exactly just that. Now part of the Vocus group, another selling point for the company is its streaming package that can be added to your data service courtesy of Fetch TV. Of course, the speedy NBN plans that start from under $40 for 50GB of data is something that many subscribers would also find appealing.

The Offer

Customers signing up for Dodo’s unlimited NBN configured on its highest speed-tier on a 24-month contract are eligible to avail of the $10 off monthly fees. Dodo’s fastest NBN is the NBN 50 with the typical evening speed of 46Mbps. From its actual monthly rate of $79.90, you can now enjoy its new price of $69.90 per month. That’s $10 savings every month and $240 for 24 months! Plus you get a modem with active service.

How to Qualify

It’s simple – you just need to sign up before the offer ends on 31 July 2018. Choose Dodo’s unlimited NBN data plan configured on the supercharged tier (NBN 50) and you’re off to a great start with savings that you can now spend on something else you fancy.

What Can You Do with Supercharged Speed?

For one, you can connect five or more devices at once. With this in mind, Dodo’s highest speed tier is ideal for most households. The streaming experience in HD can be pretty amazing, too. Of course, there’s also the fact that everything you do online – from browsing to catching up on your favorite show to downloading music – will be accomplished with increased speed – so that should be awesome.

What about Other Plans?

Dodo’s unlimited NBN plans are differentiated by their speed tiers. The standard speed (11Mbps) is at $59.90 per month, followed by the turbo speed (24Mbps) at $69.90 per month. The plan that’s currently on offer is Dodo’s fastest speed tier – the supercharged plan (46Mbps) at $79.90 per month, which is now only $69.90/mo. If you don’t need unlimited NBN data, there’s the 50GB plan for only $39.90 per month.

Can You Upgrade to Another Plan?

You can easily do so if you sign up for Dodo’s month-to-month plans. By not being on either the 12-month or 24-month contract, you can move up or down your current plan should you find your data needs changing. Otherwise, getting out of your contract entails an early termination fee (more on that later).

How about Connection or Transfer Fees?

Dodo also offers 12-month and month-to-month contracts in addition to its 24-month setup. Moreover, there’s a $69 connection fee if you sign up for a 12-month plan while it’s $99 if you go for the month-to-month. The 24-month commitment, however, includes free connection. Meanwhile, the 12 and 24-month plans offer transfer fees for free and $29 for month-to-month.

Other Fees You Should Know About

The modem included in the plan must also be returned upon cancellation of service. If not, a non-return fee of $109 applies. Non-standard installation costs may also incur additional fees. Lastly, there’s an early termination fee of $8/mo for every month remaining applicable to customers who are on the 12 or 24-month plans.

What Else Does Dodo Offer?

Aside from their NBN plans, Dodo also offers ADSL plans that are just as affordable and offer many perks. And whatever broadband connection you’ll be getting, you can bundle it up with Fetch TV. Customers can also choose to bundle up their broadband plans with a home phone. For those who spend much time on their mobile phones, Dodo also offers SIM-only and mobile broadband plans that are perfect for browsing and streaming when you’re out and about.

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