How to Watch or Stream Marvel's Hero Project Instantly Online

Marvel's Hero Project

Marvel superheroes have been all over our screens thanks to the popular movies from the comic book franchise. But what about the real life good guys? This series documents the lives of several young superheroes who have had more than a positive impact on their local communities.

Marvel’s Hero Project Season 1 TV Preview

Marvel Hero Project is a documentary series following remarkable young children that have brought about positive change in the USA. From Adonis, a young blind boy trying to become a star US football player, to Jordon who hasn’t let her disabilities get in the way of her hopes of becoming a designer.  

The show is ultimately a celebration of what can be achieved in the face of adversity, and how we can all push ourselves if we really want to achieve our goals. There’s also a nice touch by Marvel as they create comic books based on the cast’s stories, giving a real legacy to their work.

This series has been produced by American comic book editor Sana Amanat (Spider-Man, Captain Marvel). Best of all, the much anticipated Marvel’s Hero Project TV series has arrived in Australia, and using the information in this guide you won’t have to miss a key moment.

Where to Watch or Stream Marvel’s Hero Project in Australia

Marvel’s Hero Project is a new Disney original production available exclusively on the Disney Plus streaming platform. Disney Plus is now home to some of the most recognised TV shows and movies, all sourced from their catalogue and that of their sister companies National Geographic, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.

To access Disney Plus, all you need is an internet connection. Each episode of Marvel’s Hero Project is available to watch in High Definition, 4K (Ultra High Definition), HDR (High Dynamic Range). If you have a Disney Plus account, you can access all of their films and TV shows such as Thor and Free Solo on demand, including streaming Marvel’s Hero Project season 1. If you don’t simply head over to their site to sign up. If you like what’s on offer, you can choose between a rolling, $8.99 monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time, or a 12 month plan for $89.99.

To watch Marvel’s Hero Project online from a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer) simply head to the Disney Plus website and search for the title. All the latest episodes are available instantly. You can connect up to 10 devices with one subscription, and stream on up to four at once, so the whole family can benefit at any given time.There’s also a Disney Plus app that is free to download from Google Play and the Apple Store. Once you have downloaded the application, simply enter your login details and start streaming. Disney Plus is accessible via a wide range of devices, including PCs/Macs, Smart TVs, smartphones and games consoles.

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Watch new and classic TV and movies from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and 21st Century Fox from one streaming service.

Marvel’s Hero Project Season 1 Episode Listing

All the latest episodes of Marvel’s Hero Project are available now on Disney Plus. There is no Marvel’s Hero Project free to air coverage in Australia, it is exclusively available on Disney Plus. Here are a list of the episodes available.

EpisodeRunning TimeProvider
S1 Episode 140 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 240 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 340 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 440 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 540 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 640 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 740 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 840 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 940 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1040 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1140 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1240 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1340 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1440 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1540 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1640 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1740 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1840 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 1940 minutesDisney +
S1 Episode 2040 minutesDisney +

Marvel’s Hero Project Mobile Device List

The following are the list of compatible mobile and internet connected devices for which you can stream Marvel’s Hero Project, with new apps and devices being added as they become available.

Must See TV for fans of Marvel’s Hero Project

As Disney Plus has exclusive rights to all of their own productions, much of the content is only available via their platform. There are many movies and series that are shared with other services, such as Deadpool and the Star Wars films, but new and future Disney Content will be premiered exclusively on their streaming platform. 

This means that recent productions such as Avengers End Game and High School The Musical Series will not be available on any other streaming platform or TV channel for the foreseeable future. So with this in mind, here’s a list of similar TV Shows that fans of Marvel’s Hero Project may also enjoy watching. 

Encore (Disney Plus)

Encore (Disney Plus)

This reality TV musical is an uplifting coming together story that will have you both laughing and crying. Old classmates are faced with the daunting task of performing their original highschool musical, many years after even attempting to sing a note. Good news is there is plenty of help at hand in the shape of Broadway veterans and music video choreographers. Encore is exclusively available to watch and stream now on Disney Plus.

High School Musical The Series (Disney Plus)

High School Musical The Series (Disney Plus)

The cast may have changed but the pupils at East High School still love to sing and dance. The premise is that the original film was shot at the school, and the pupils want to create their own version of the High School Musical. So, motivated by their teacher, they head out to create the ultimate stage performance, in a series that will have fans of the movies, along with viewers of Glee, very excited. High Scool Musical The Series is exclusively available now on Disney Plus.

Lady & The Tramp (Disney Plus)

Lady & The Tramp (Disney Plus)

Nothing like a classic Disney animation to sit down in front of and enjoy with the family. Lady & The Tramp is a Romeo & Juliet type of tale, where two dogs from different backgrounds (one rich, one poor) find themselves making an unlikely love match. Fans of musicals will also be pleased to know there’s lots of singing and feel-good factor. Lady & The Tramp is exclusively available now on Disney Plus.

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