eBay will now price match with major retailers

Great news for eBay shoppers: later in July, the online retailer will introduce a Price Match Guarantee meant to ensure that pricing on 35,000+ new items on eBay are the lowest on the internet. If a competitor has a lower price, eBay will gladly meet it.

The science behind the new Price Match Guarantee is simple. If you find a competitor offering the same product for less, once verified, eBay will offer a coupon for the difference in price that can be used towards the purchase of the item.

For the Price Match Guarantee to be met, the two items being compared have to be new, identical, and in-stock both on eBay and one of the identified competitors’ sites. The list of identified competitors can be found on the retailer’s website. The best part: no membership or subscription is required. At eBay, deals are available to everyone and always ship for free.

So if you’re a savvy customer willing to shop around, you might be able to save some cash. If you find the product you’re looking for at a lower price on a competitor’s site, contact eBay Customer Service to request a price match before your purchase. Let Customer Service know where you found the lower price and they’ll confirm the price match on the spot. Then, eBay will send you a voucher for the difference.

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