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Click Broadband

With everyone’s penchant for streaming, gaming, and everything internet-related, it’s only fitting to acquire a broadband plan that offers unlimited data. Going unlimited means you won’t have to hold back when it comes to your data usage because you can surf the internet as much as you want. Luckily for Click Broadband customers, it’s an easy goal to reach.

Seeing as special broadband offers and promotions are ubiquitous, it goes without saying that there are plenty of options out there. One solid choice would be Click Broadband — with their discounted unlimited NBN plans, knack for delivering high speed internet, unlimited data streaming and highly accessible customer service, what’s not to like?

Click Broadband

Click Broadband lays out their options to customers plain and simple — sign up to one of their unlimited NBN plans and get monthly discounts for six months with no lock-in contract, a $0 set-up fee, and a highly efficient customer service team that’s available seven days a week. The entirety of these offerings clearly makes a statement — Click Broadband combines value, quality, and flexibility, important factors that are notably manifested in their plans.

Unlimited NBN

All NBN plans with Click Broadband come with limitless data, with the only difference being their speed. Even better, they’re discounted for the first six months, so you can save $12/month. For the Basic NBN12 plan, the minimum cost is $46.88/month. This is followed by the Ultimate NBN50 offered at $56.88/month. Then comes the Ultimate Plus NBN100 plan, which is the telco’s highest speed plan at $76.88/month. This promotion only applies for the first six months of your service wherein you’ll pay the full price on the seventh month of your plan.

Limited Time Offer

Getting monthly discounts after purchasing an excellent service is a welcome surprise. So grab the chance to earn huge savings, as much as $12/month for the first six months, before the offer ends on 30 September 2018.

Other Fees You Should Know About

The set-up fee is covered by Click Broadband as long as it’s a standard NBN installation. There’s also a modem fee of $109.95 should you purchase Click Broadband’s pre-configured modem, or you can bring your own. As for cancellation fees, you can leave without paying any penalties since there’s no lock-in contract.

Optional Add-ons

Customers can bundle their NBN plans with optional voice packages starting with unlimited calls to Aussie landlines at $10/month. At $20/month, unlimited calls to mobile is also included in the package. For the inclusion of unlimited landline calls to 15 international destinations, you need to add $30/month into your plan fees.

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