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You think Southern Phone’s already giving out really affordable plans with their SIM-only plans for $12/month? Now it gets even cheaper with the telco reducing the cost below the $10 mark. Starting today, customers can sign up to Southern Phone’s 12-month SIM-only Green Plans for only $9.90 per month.

That’s right! For less than $10/month, you can get unlimited call and text plus 1GB of data for your occasional dose of mobile internet. Customers who rely heavily on conventional calling and texting as means of communication can find Southern Phone’s latest offer suitable for their daily needs. It even packs 1GB of mobile data for checking emails, Google, and accessing social media when needed.

Who is this plan for?

Southern Phone’s basic plans are especially tailor-made for consumers who don’t need much data on their phone. Without the usual hassles of signing up to a new mobile plan, SIM-only plans with the telco is free from most of the inconveniences you can experience when getting a new mobile number.

Customers only need to choose their desired 12-month plans and they can be off to enjoying unlimited talks and texts with just the right amount of mobile data for one’s occasional need for browsing.

On top of that, the above plans use the Optus 4G network for guaranteed connection. If the Green 9.90 plan for only $9.90/month offers is good enough for you, all you need to do is sign up online and they’ll ship the SIM card straight to your door.

Is this good value?

In a word, yes! And if you’re not sure, enrolling in Southern Phone’s 12-month plans also entitles you to a trial run with the telco’s network for a 30-day period. This means –should you find the telco’s network service unsatisfactory — you can cancel your plan within the 30 day trial duration and move on with zero fees.

But considering Southern Phone’s track record when it comes to network strength and speed reliability, it’s doubtful that customers would want to leave. Besides, for only $9.90/month for unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of data, it is hard to pass by such a cheap (yet solid) plan!

Sign up online on or before May 31, 2018 to qualify for this offer. If you feel like doing more digging for a suitable plan, check here to compare Southern Phone mobile plans.

Enjoy the power of choice with Southern Phone!

Choose the mobile network that works best for you. Southern Phone runs on the Optus 4G and Telstra 3G & 4G networks. Generous data and call inclusions for everyone.
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