MyNetFone Now Offers Great Value NBN and ADSL Internet Plans

MyNetFone NBN and ADSL plans

Broadband plans under MyNetFone exceed expectations. Not only are they designed to meet your  data needs, they’re also packed with freebies and discounts that make signing up extra fun. Whether you’re looking to get into NBN or ADSL, MyNetFone rightfully delivers on both speed and budget.

If your area has already gotten the NBN greenlight with the ongoing rollout, there’s not a better time to switch to Australia’s newest network than right now — because of MyNetFone’s amazing NBN deals. Otherwise, customers can still count on the telco to deliver the best ADSL plans possible. 

Who is MyNetFone? 

Operating for more than a decade, MyNetFone is well known for its broadband and cloud-based communication services. For years, the company has delivered reliable internet to customers nationwide and has since established its role among the business and the government sectors. After being certified by Australia’s National Broadband Network in 2012, it has become one of the country’s most trusted NBN provider. With affordable plans that offer nothing but utmost speed, MyNetFone continues to do its good work as far as Australians’ high internet standards are concerned.

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What are the NBN Plans? 

With plans that start from $49.99/month courtesy of NBN Lite, it’s hard to find other deals that can match the price with the same inclusions. NBN Lite packs 200GB with a free NBN-ready modem. When it comes to unlimited plans, you can either go for the NBN Unlimited or the NBN Unlimited Bundle. The difference between the two is the call inclusions — the former has pay-as-you-go calls at $59.99/month while the latter includes unlimited home phone at $69.99/month. Both plans also include a free modem and are configured on the 12Mbps speed tier.

What About the ADSL Plans? 

Meanwhile, ADSL plans start with the Economy Plan at $49.95/month. This includes 500GB of data — a decent allocation for your streaming needs. The Standard Plan comes next, packing 1000GB of data at $59.95 per month. You can also bundle up your ADSL connection with a home phone which includes unlimited calls to mobile, local, and national number for $69.95/month. MyNetFone’s ADSL plans also include a free modem.

Are There Connection-Related Fees? 

For starters, there is the setup fee. The only way you’ll be exempted from paying this fee is if you sign up to a 24-month contract. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay $49 if you sign up for 12 months, $99 if you go with month-to-month for ADSL, and $199 if you got with NBN. Moreover, if you’re in a new development, there may be a one-off fee of $300 to connect your premises to the NBN services. 

Can You Keep Your Phone Number?

You can keep your home phone number when you switch to the NBN courtesy of MyNetFone’s free number porting. So go ahead and sign up without worry.

How Do I Keep Track of My Call and Data Allowance?

You can always access your call and data usage via your customer account portal. If you exceed your data allocation, the service speed will be limited to 256kbps until the end of your billing month. It’s also good to keep in mind that any unused data expires at the end of your billing period.

Can You Upgrade to Another Plan Later?

If you signed up for the month-to-month plan you absolutely can. That’s what this setup is for in the first place. With the other plans there’s an early termination charge of $199 and a relocation charge of $99. If you need the freedom to perform changes to your plan then month-to-month is the way to go.

Cost Savings: 24-Month vs 12-Month vs Month-to-Month

It’s just a matter of setup fees for this one. Customers opting for the 24-month contract won’t need to pay any setup fees, while those getting the 12-month plan need to pay $49 for both ADSL and NBN. Choosing the flexible path in the form of month-to-month, however, means a setup fee of $199 for NBN connections or $99 for ADSL.

What else does MyNetFone Offer?

Aside from awesome broadband deals, MyNetFone also has an exciting offer for its subscribers. You can upgrade your basic NBN speed to standard plus — that’s NBN 50 — for half the price, at only $10 per month. Because everyone knows the internet is more awesome when it’s faster.

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