Experience Activ8me’s High-Speed NBN from $69/Month

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Sign up to one of Activ8me’s NBN plans and enjoy broadband in its simplest, fastest form. From $69/month, you secure an internet plan on the NBN50 speed-tier for enhanced browsing and streaming. Save on setup fees when you choose a 12-month contract or have it easy with a month-to-month deal.

Melbourne-based telco provider Activ8me started out with a focus on providing services to rural, regional, and remote areas throughout Australia with satellite broadband. They’ve since grown to offer the recent innovation in NBN satellite, fixed wireless, fibre, public Wi-Fi, ADSL, and VoIP.

Activ8me NBN Plans

Australians can choose between Activ8me’s 250GB and unlimited plans priced at $69/month and $79/month, respectively, configured on the NBN50 speed tier. If unlimited data needlessly  exceeds your requirement, Activ8me’s 250GB plan should more than suffice.

Otherwise, just add $10 per month to score uncapped data so you can browse and stream as much as you want. No more tracking usage, just convenient, limitless data at your disposal.

Connect & Save with Activ8Me

Get connected through any of Activ8Me’s wide range of broadband services. Sky Muster plans start for as low as $34.95/mth and can come with no lock-in contract.

Choose Blazing Speed

Activ8me stands out speed wise with the telco offering high-tier speed plans only. The options are either the SuperSonic plan running on the 50/20Mbps or the HyperSonic configured on the 100/40Mbps. Your choice will depend on your needs.

NBN50 is Activ8me’s starter speed, which is substantially fast enough for a starter with typical evening speed of 47.2Mbps. If that’s not enough, the HyperSonic speed option is just $10 more. With this, you can score an internet plan on NBN100 with typical evening speed of 90.2Mbps for as low as $79/month with 250GB data, $89 for unlimited.

Either way, you get unparalleled speed at an affordable price. The hypersonic speed, however, is not available to Fixed Wireless customers.

What about Other Fees?

Customers on a month to month plan will pay a one-off $98 setup fee while it’s free if you lock it in for 12 months. If you’re more concerned about saving than flexibility, then it makes sense to save almost a hundred bucks by signing up for 12 months. The setup fee is non refundable.

Moreover, it is recommended for FTTN, FTTB, or FTTC customers to purchase a modem from Activ8me to guarantee compatibility. Save on modem fees when you stay for 12 months at only $85 or $110 when you choose the no lock-in contract option plus $15 delivery.

Sky Muster Plans

Activ8me has since established itself as Australia’s largest satellite internet provider. Recognised in their expertise in remote and rural communications technology, Activ8me offers seven Sky Muster plans, starting from $34.95/month with 75GB off-peak data.  

The highest-end plan in the Sky Muster category is at $124.95/month with 150GB off-peak data. All plans run on the basic speed of 12/1Mbps. You can choose to upgrade to 25/5Mbps speed plan for an extra $5 per month. Enjoy $0 upfront costs and total flexibility when you sign up to Activ8me’s Sky Muster plan with no setup fees and no lock-in contract.

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