The best things in life are free and Dodo’s offer of free internet for life is the manifestation of that. You heard right. Dodo will give away five lifetime supplies of internet data to five lucky winners. That means unlimited surfing, streaming, gaming, and downloading as long as you’re able to without needing to worry about paying the bills monthly!

Dodo is already known for its affordable broadband plans, which can either be provided by ADSL or NBN technology. In order to have the chance to win, you just need to sign up to any of Dodo’s 24-month unlimited plan from January 15, 2018 until March 31, 2018, at exactly 11:59 pm.

Eligible customers will be automatically enrolled and will earn a single entry into the draw. Every entry gives participants the chance of winning back free Internet for life. That’s one less bill you need to worry about and in the world of a working man, it’s a deal of a lifetime.

Five random entries will then be drawn on April 10, 2018, at 12 noon. The winners will each receive a maximum of 65 years of monthly credits valid to the base service fees of each winner’s applicable service starting from the date of the draw.

If a winner signed up for Dodo’s 24-month unlimited plan via ADSL at the time of the draw, he or she will receive the sum of ADSL2, which includes an unlimited monthly service charge or an ADSL1 unlimited monthly charge with monthly line rental charge. If it was NBN that was signed up for, the winner will be given the same broadband service with an unlimited monthly service charge on any of Dodo’s NBN speed packages.

Are you ready for a non-stop fun of films, shows, games, and cat memes? The Internet has never been this good especially if it’s free. To get a chance for free internet for life, sign up to any of Dodo’s 24-month unlimited plan before March 31, 2018.

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