Get extra Data on Weekends with Boost Mobile


Get extra data on weekends with Boost Mobile


Do you tend to use your mobile data more during weekends? Boost Mobile might have the perfect prepaid plans for you. With no contracts and generous data inclusions, the telco is certainly worth your consideration if you’re thinking about switching mobile providers.


Boost Mobile’s data offerings are slightly different than most telcos. Users get a set amount of mobile data they can use anytime, plus a bonus 1GB every weekend to update social networks and download as much as they please. Moreover, all plans include unlimited talk and text, so you’re set on that front.

Users can pick between three prepaid plans. For $30/28 days, you get up to 7GB of data. That’s 3GB anytime + 1GB every weekend. $40 buys you up to 9GB of data – 5GB anytime + 1GB every weekend. This plan also includes unlimited calls and texts to 10 selected countries. Last but not least, the $50 renewal comes with 7GB anytime + 1GB every weekend, which brings the total to a whooping 11GB of data. International calls and text to 10 countries also included.

Boost Mobile offers a 1GB plan as well for $10 with unlimited calls and texts, but this one expires after only 7 days. It’s not quite worth it in the long run, but it’s definitely an appealing choice for tourists. Boost runs on the Telstra Mobile network, so coverage likely won’t be a problem.

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