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Jumping on the bandwagon where on-the-go browsing and streaming becomes a must-have, Belong now offers mobile plans that won’t be a burden as far as your finances are concerned. For as low as $10 per month for its Small plan, you can get a SIM-only plan that packs 1GB of data plus unlimited national calls and texts. Now that’s enough to cover your need for a few emails and social media plus texting and calling for as long as you want.


If your browsing habits are done on a regular basis, the Regular plan is ideal at $25 per month. With 5GB data allowance, which includes unlimited national calls and texts, signing off is not an option, not if you can help it. You even get to indulge your penchant for streaming your favorite shows every now and then wherever you go. You can also add international calls and texts to both plans by paying an extra fee of $5 per month.

Better yet, go for Belong’s Large plan at $40 per month. It has a 15GB data allowance, as well as unlimited national and international calls and texts. If you have loved ones residing abroad, the Large plan is the obvious choice. Love to stream music and videos more often? What about making video calls? The 15GB allotted data for this plan can make all these happen.


Mobile SIM-only plans that suit your needs

Belong’s SIM-only mobile plans come in three packages: Small, Regular, and Large. The Small plan, priced at $10/month, includes 1GB data with unlimited national calls and texts. The Regular plan includes 5GB data at $25/month, and comes with the same national call and text inclusions as the Small plan. And lastly, the Large plan with 15GB data also comes with unlimited national and international calls and texts at $40/month.

More perks with Belong Mobile

Belong makes it easy for you to make the switch or configure your plans based on your mobile needs. For starters, you can either get a new mobile number or use your existing one when you subscribe to a Belong Mobile plan. You can also easily top up your data the moment your data allowance becomes insufficient. That said, you can also change your plan every month as well. Best of all, Belong also offers unlimited data banking that allows you to save unused data each month.

How to Get Started

Ready to be a part of the Belong community? Sign up online to get a SIM and expect for it to be delivered within 2-4 business days. Get to know more of Belong’s plans and offers to get started. 

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