Get unlimited data with Belong ADSL plans

Not an avid internet user, but still want to check email or watch a video from time to time? You can save some serious cash by picking a broadband plan with a lower data cap. Belong is offering 100GB plans, which should be more than enough for those who aren’t really into streaming or downloading.

Belong is powered by Telstra, Australia’s largest telco, and offers no peak or off peak periods, so you have the freedom to use your data your way, whenever you want. Right from the start, they can be an appealing choice for those looking to change internet providers. And while they currently offer affordable plans with unlimited data, they’re also selling 100GB broadband plans. These are particularly recommended for those who don’t surf a lot.

The telco’s 100GB plans are only $50/month when signing a 12-month contract, or $55/month when going the month-to-month route. In this case, you’ll also have to pay $60 for a Wi-Fi modem, which is included in contracts. These prices are available for NBN connections. If the speedy internet isn’t available in your area yet, you can opt for Belong’s ADSL offerings. The 100GB ADSL plan is $55/month on a 12-month contract and $60/month when paying month-to-month. The modem charge still applies for the latter.

How much is 100GB? Well, Netflix uses 3GB per hour when streaming High Definition (HD), so it should be more than enough for daily web use. If you don’t spend hours in from of the computer downloading large files or playing online games, you should be fine. Check out our broadband usage guide for more details on the subject.

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Unlimited Data with Belong

Only $60/month on the NBN + Unlimited Broadband Data + $0 Wi-Fi modern & standard activation
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