Overnight TV Ratings and News for Mon June 17: Free to Air vs Pay TV

A look at the latest ratings results and what they mean for the networks and their shows – as well as a glimpse at how well your favourite shows are doing!

Ratings News: The Voice Sings Its Way to the Top

Nine wins big this Monday with a new episode of season 8 of The Voice Australia following its premiere the Sunday before. It was able to pull in a massive 1M+ viewers, which proves to be a solid number that’s not too far off from the top spot holders. With this rating, it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest seasons the show has ever had with new coach Guy Sebastian joining the roster of Delta Goodrem, Boy George, and Kelly Rowland.

Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs
All Free-to-Air

  • Report: Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs
  • Channels: All Free-to-Air
  • Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
  • Demographics: Total People 
  • Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
  • Day: Monday
  • Date: 20/05/2019
  • Deliverable: Consolidated 28, Consolidated 7 and Overnight

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\NetworkConsolidated 28Consolidated 7Overnight000s Increase on Consolidated 7000s Increase on Overnight
1SEVEN NEWSSeven Network1,162,0001,162,0001,160,00001,000
2SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHTSeven Network1,096,0001,096,0001,093,00003,000
3THE VOICE -MONNine1,033,0001,026,000962,0008,00072,000
4NINE NEWSNine988,000988,000988,00001,000
5NINE NEWS 6:30Nine968,000968,000967,00002,000
6A CURRENT AFFAIRNine837,000835,000821,0002,00016,000
7HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?Network 10809,000805,000673,0003,000135,000
8ABC NEWS-EVABC787,000787,000786,00001,000
9HOME AND AWAYSeven Network776,000768,000727,0007,00049,000
10HOUSE RULES – MONSeven Network734,000723,000668,00011,00066,000
11AUSTRALIAN STORY-EVABC702,000697,000629,0005,00073,000
12MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA MONNetwork 10693,000675,000600,00017,00093,000
14THE CHASE AUSTRALIASeven Network635,000634,000633,0001,0002,000
159-1-1Seven Network620,000586,000416,00034,000204,000
16MEDIA WATCH-EVABC569,000563,000546,0006,00023,000
17HOT SEATNine550,000550,000549,00001,000
19FOUR CORNERS-EVABC522,000517,000492,0004,00030,000
20THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork 10488,000488,000486,00003,000

The Final Battle for the Throne Reigns Supreme

It’s really not much of a surprise how the final episode of the final season of Game of Thrones took home the crown this Monday. It’s one of the most tuned in show of all time and long-time fans have long been looking forward to this finale to beat all finales. And despite the mixed reviews of what went down in that episode, there’s no denying that Game of Thrones is a certified ratings gold for Foxtel’s Fox Showcase channel.

Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs
All Subscription Channels

  • Report: Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs 
  • Channels: All Subscription Channels
  • Market: National STV
  • Demographics: Total People 
  • Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
  • Day: Monday
  • Date: 20/05/2019
  • Deliverable: Consolidated 28, Consolidated 7 and Overnight 

RankDescriptionChannel\MarketConsolidated 28Consolidated 7Overnight000s Increase on Consolidated 7000s Increase on Overnight
1GAME OF THRONESFOX SHOWCASE333,000332,000331,0001,0002,000
2GAME OF THRONESFOX SHOWCASE245,000244,000243,0001,0002,000
3GAME OF THRONESFOX SHOWCASE232,000231,000230,0001,0002,000
4THE BOLT REPORTSky News Live113,000113,000110,00004,000
5PAUL MURRAY LIVESky News Live106,000106,000102,00003,000
6CREDLINSky News Live88,00088,00087,00001,000
7GAME OF THRONESFOX SHOWCASE86,00086,00085,00001,000
8LIVE: AFL 360FOX FOOTY82,00082,00081,00001,000
9GAME OF THRONESFOX SHOWCASE81,00081,00081,00000
10KENNY ON MEDIASky News Live73,00073,00072,00001,000
11SPEERSSky News Live72,00072,00072,00000
12PML LATERSky News Live71,00071,00067,00004,000
13LIVE: ON THE COUCHFOX FOOTY70,00070,00065,00005,000
14GAME OF THRONESFOX SHOWCASE68,00068,00068,00000
15THRONES 360: LIVEFOX SHOWCASE64,00064,00057,00007,000
16LIVE: NRL 360FOX LEAGUE61,00061,00059,00002,000
18MOTHERFATHERSONBBC First53,00053,00023,000029,000
19THE SIMPSONSFOX848,00047,00042,0002,0006,000
20THRONES 360: LIVEFOX846,00046,00035,000011,000

Close Match Between Nine and Seven

Week after week, we’ve been seeing a close race between Nine and Seven to secure the most percentage of viewers each day. This time, it’s a tight race between the two with Nine pulling a small lead with 28.8% and Seven taking second place at 27.3%. The rest are not too far behind with Network Ten slowly climbing the ladder at 19.2%, closely followed by ABC at 17.8%, and SBS at 7.0%.

Daily Free-to-Air Share All Channels

  • Report: Daily Free-to-Air Share
  • Channels: All Free-to-Air Channels
  • Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
  • Demographics: Total People 
  • Day-part: 18:00 – 24:00
  • Day: Monday
  • Deliverable: Overnight, Consolidated 7 and Consolidated 28

ChannelOvernight 17/06/2019Consolidated 7 10/06/2019Consolidated 28 20/05/2019
ABC KIDS/COMEDY2.9%2.2%2.5%
ABC ME0.4%0.5%0.5%
ABC NEWS1.0%1.0%1.0%
ABC Network17.8%15.8%18.7%
7food network0.5%0.4%0.3%
Seven Network27.3%28.2%27.0%
Nine Network28.8%28.1%28.1%
10 Bold3.1%3.1%3.2%
10 Peach2.2%2.2%1.8%
Network 1019.2%19.7%18.6%
SBS VICELAND1.3%1.4%0.9%
SBS Food 0.8%0.6%0.7%
SBS Network7.0%8.2%7.7%

Kids Rule — Once Again!

The kids are back on top once again with various kids shows taking all the top spots on this Monday. It’s a big win for ABC Kids with shows like Octonauts, Peter Rabbit, Rusty Rivets, Bluey, and Floogals pulling in impressive viewer ratings. It’s all about the kids, so much so that you won’t see any non-kids show until after the top 10 with Neighbours placing a good enough spot in between all the animated shows.

Top 20 Programs All Free-to-Air

  • Report: Top 20 Programs
  • Channels: All free-to-air Multi Channels
  • Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
  • Demographics: Total People
  • Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
  • Day: Monday
  • Date: 17/06/2019
  • Deliverable: Overnight

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
2PETER RABBIT-EVABCKIDS/COMEDY191,00026,00058,00063,00016,00028,000
3RUSTY RIVETS-EVABCKIDS/COMEDY188,00020,00067,00052,00021,00028,000
7DINO DANA-EVABCKIDS/COMEDY164,00022,00055,00041,00022,00025,000
8PEPPA PIG-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY161,00019,00053,00048,00020,00022,000
9SCHOOL OF ROARS-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY156,00024,00048,00044,00018,00022,000
10ANDY’S SAFARI ADVENTURES-EVABCKIDS/COMEDY154,00024,00049,00038,00020,00022,000
11MOLLY AND MACK-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY152,00020,00045,00042,00023,00021,000
12FIREMAN SAM-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY144,00021,00045,00028,00027,00022,000
13NEIGHBOURS10 Peach142,00035,00038,00039,00014,00015,000
14BOB THE BUILDER-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY142,00022,00044,00025,00025,00026,000
15PEPPA PIG-AMABCKIDS/COMEDY138,00036,00033,00032,00022,00015,000
16SPICKS AND SPECKS-EVABCKIDS/COMEDY133,00024,00030,00037,00026,00017,000
17M- AVATAR-PM (R)7mate130,00034,00044,00020,00010,00022,000
18HEY DUGGEE-AMABCKIDS/COMEDY129,00026,00032,00037,00022,00012,000
19LAW & ORDER: SVU EP 2 RPT10 Bold126,00041,00031,00024,00015,00015,000
20PJ MASKS-AMABCKIDS/COMEDY126,00024,00052,00021,00021,0008,000

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