Overnight TV Ratings and News for Wed June 12: Free to Air vs Pay TV

A look at the latest ratings results and what they mean for the networks and their shows – as well as a glimpse at how well your favourite shows are doing!

Ratings News: It’s All About the News!

Seven and Nine stand firm on their high spots with Seven News and Nine News scoring high viewer ratings in the consolidated 28 figures. It’s a massive 1M viewer ratings for Seven with Nine following closely at around 900K. Lurking not too far from that is MasterChef Australia, which manages to consistently hold a high position in the top 10 as well, this time with around 700K viewership.

Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs
All Free-to-Air

  • Report: Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs
  • Channels: All Free-to-Air
  • Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
  • Demographics: Total People 
  • Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Date: 15/05/2019
  • Deliverable: Consolidated 28, Consolidated 7 and Overnight

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\NetworkConsolidated 28Consolidated 7Overnight000s Increase on Consolidated 7000s Increase on Overnight
1SEVEN NEWSSeven Network1,073,0001,072,0001,071,00002,000
2SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHTSeven Network1,018,0001,018,0001,014,00004,000
3NINE NEWSNine978,000978,000977,00001,000
4NINE NEWS 6:30Nine933,000933,000933,00001,000
5A CURRENT AFFAIRNine779,000778,000766,0001,00013,000
6MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA WEDNetwork 10735,000721,000644,00014,00091,000
7HOME AND AWAYSeven Network717,000708,000669,0009,00048,000
8ABC NEWS-EVABC711,000711,000710,00001,000
9HOUSE RULES – WEDSeven Network672,000659,000597,00012,00075,000
10THE CHASE AUSTRALIASeven Network665,000665,000663,00002,000
11ANH’S BRUSH WITH FAME-EVABC638,000624,000558,00014,00080,000
12FIVE BEDROOMSNetwork 10633,000621,000503,00012,000131,000
14THE WEEKLY WITH CHARLIE PICKERING-EVABC615,000599,000517,00015,00098,000
15TALKIN BOUT YOUR GENERATIONNine575,000560,000538,00015,00036,000
16HOT SEATNine569,000569,000567,00003,000
17THE BAYSeven Network517,000461,000341,00056,000176,000
18THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork 10495,000494,000490,00005,000
19YOU CAN’T ASK THAT-EVABC430,000412,000368,00018,00062,000
2010 NEWS FIRSTNetwork 10425,000425,000424,00001,000

Lifestyle and Drama Earn Top Spots

It’s a clear win for Foxtel with Selling Houses Australia on the Lifestyle Channel and BBC’s MotherFatherSon securing the top 2 spots. The former has long been a ratings champ with viewers, while the latter seems like a warm welcome for Richard Gere’s return to television after a long hiatus. After that, it’s news commentaries and some wicked comedy completing the top 5.

Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs
All Subscription Channels

  • Report: Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs 
  • Channels: All Subscription Channels
  • Market: National STV
  • Demographics: Total People 
  • Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Date: 15/05/2019
  • Deliverable: Consolidated 28, Consolidated 7 and Overnight 

RankDescriptionChannel\MarketConsolidated 28Consolidated 7Overnight000s Increase on Consolidated 7000s Increase on Overnight
1SELLING HOUSES AUSTRALIALifestyle Channel166,000159,000127,0007,00039,000
2MOTHERFATHERSONBBC First84,00043,0007,00041,00076,000
3THE BOLT REPORTSky News Live72,00072,00072,00000
4PAUL MURRAY LIVESky News Live67,00067,00066,00001,000
5FAMILY GUYFOX863,00063,00057,00007,000
6RICHOSky News Live63,00063,00063,00000
7LIVE: AFL 360FOX FOOTY59,00059,00058,00001,000
8THE SIMPSONSFOX856,00054,00054,0001,0001,000
9PML LATERSky News Live54,00054,00051,00003,000
10CREDLINSky News Live53,00053,00051,00002,000
11BEVERLY HILLS: REAL HOUSEWIVES OF…ARENA50,00048,00042,0002,0008,000
12HOMESTEAD RESCUEDiscovery Channel49,00048,00037,0001,00011,000
13THE FLASHFOX847,00029,00016,00018,00031,000
14THE SIMPSONSFOX846,00044,00044,0001,0002,000
15LIVE: NRL 360FOX LEAGUE45,00045,00044,00001,000
16CURIOUS GEORGENick Jr.44,00044,00040,00004,000
17SHIMMER AND SHINENick Jr.43,00043,00038,00004,000
18THE 100FOX842,00033,00019,0008,00022,000
19MRS. BROWN’S BOYSUKTV40,00040,00033,00008,000
20BLUE BLOODSTVH!TS40,00035,00029,0005,00011,000

Nine Goes Back to the Top

Thanks to the partial coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Nine claims the top spot once again with a high 31.7%, leaving Seven falling behind with 25.4%. It’s been a close battle between these two networks, with the rest following not so far behind at 21.2% for Network Ten, 15.7% for ABC, and 6.1% for SBS.

Daily Free-to-Air Share All Channels

  • Report: Daily Free-to-Air Share
  • Channels: All Free-to-Air Channels
  • Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
  • Demographics: Total People 
  • Day-part: 18:00 – 24:00
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Deliverable: Overnight, Consolidated 7 and Consolidated 28

ChannelOvernight 12/06/2019Consolidated 7 05/06/2019Consolidated 28 15/05/2019
ABC KIDS/COMEDY2.5%2.5%2.8%
ABC ME0.6%0.5%0.6%
ABC NEWS1.3%1.2%1.5%
ABC Network15.7%14.5%16.8%
7food network0.4%0.4%0.5%
Seven Network25.4%21.1%28.4%
Nine Network31.7%43.0%25.0%
10 Bold4.8%3.3%4.8%
10 Peach2.4%1.7%2.0%
Network 1021.2%15.4%21.8%
SBS VICELAND1.2%1.2%1.0%
SBS Food 0.7%0.7%1.2%
SBS Network6.1%6.1%8.0%

Cricket World Cup vs What Kids Want

It’s been a close match between top kids shows like Bluey and Peppa Pig and Nine’s coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Kids shows have consistently been dominating the top spots but there’s no denying the relevance of cricket games, especially those of the Australian national team, which gives Nine a strong lead over ABC Kids. Also completing the round up is NCIS and its spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles.

Top 20 Programs All Free-to-Air

  • Report: Top 20 Programs
  • Channels: All free-to-air Multi Channels
  • Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
  • Demographics: Total People
  • Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Date: 12/06/2019
  • Deliverable: Overnight

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019 – AUS V PAK -S19Gem380,00089,000139,00057,00056,00039,000
2ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019 – AUS V PAK -INNINGS BREAK9Gem225,00042,00085,00022,00038,00038,000
4NCIS RPT10 Bold203,00055,00051,00043,00018,00037,000
5NCIS: LOS ANGELES RPT10 Bold198,00053,00041,00040,00022,00041,000
6PETER RABBIT-EVABCKIDS/COMEDY182,00056,00059,00015,00019,00033,000
10PEPPA PIG-AMABCKIDS/COMEDY164,00035,00050,00031,00020,00028,000
11SCHOOL OF ROARS-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY162,00048,00057,00017,00020,00020,000
12PJ MASKS-AMABCKIDS/COMEDY161,00038,00054,00036,00019,00015,000
13NCIS: LOS ANGELES EP 2 RPT10 Bold158,00048,00038,00025,00019,00028,000
14RUSTY RIVETS-EVABCKIDS/COMEDY156,00059,00041,0006,00015,00036,000
15PEPPA PIG-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY152,00045,00055,00015,00019,00019,000
16NEIGHBOURS10 Peach142,00036,00053,00025,00016,00012,000
17NELLA THE PRINCESS KNIGHT-AMABCKIDS/COMEDY140,00038,00044,00023,00021,00014,000
18BORDER SECURITY – AUSTRALIA’S FRONT LINE-EP.2 PM7TWO137,00035,00045,00020,00024,00013,000
19MOLLY AND MACK-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY136,00042,00048,00010,00016,00020,000
20FIREMAN SAM-PMABCKIDS/COMEDY136,00028,00055,0009,00016,00028,000
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