Aussies Streamed Over 25 Million Hours of Sports on Kayo

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In just three months up to June 2019, Aussies have streamed over 25 million hours of content using Kayo’s dedicated sport streaming platform. That’s according to the initial information on Australian sports fans’ engagement that Kayo Sports released today.

The details on Kayo’s impressive viewer engagement data is in line with the latest update on subscriber growth. Since the streaming service’s launch in November 2018, Kayo subscribers had increased to 382,000 as of 30 June 2019, of which 331,000 were paying customers. This also very much confirms the Aussies’ need for a streaming service solely dedicated to sports.

Kayo’s Viewer Engagement Highlights

The release of the viewer engagement highlights provided statistical insight into the users’ streaming habits and preferences. As such, the rise of streaming hours on the platform has been significantly attributed to the Cricket World Cup in June

In the span of six weeks that CWC was in action, nearly eight million hours of cricket were streamed by fans, delivering Kayo its highest viewership since launch. An average 175,000 users streamed Australia’s matches while 187,000 subscribers watched India’s matches. 

Moreover, 220,000 users watched the New Zealand v England final, which made the match the most watched game. Meanwhile, the Australia v England became the second most viewed event with 219,000 users. In addition, the match between India and Australia was Kayo’s most streamed sporting event with 214,000 users watching and with over 21 million minutes of viewing.


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What Other Sports Were Widely Streamed on Kayo?

Kayo’s viewer engagement highlights also show AFL and NRL fans watching an average of 3.5 hours per week. Some regular season games, specifically that of the West Coast v Richmond was watched by 130,000 users while NRL’s regular season games attracted nearly 70,000 users. 

The commencement of the Rugby World Cup is expected to increase viewer figures. The first match between Australia and New Zealand in the Bledisloe Cup Game on 10 August already generated over 80,000 users. Meanwhile, the NBA Finals was another exciting sporting event on Kayo that brought 113,000 users watching the Raptors v Warriors Game 6. 

Racing fans were also amongst those who joined the fun. Formula 1, for instance, has produced remarkable results with over 75,000 users watching the German Grand Prix. In tennis, 64,000 fans watched as Ash Barty secured the maiden Grand Slam trophy.

Upcoming Sports on Kayo

“Aussie sports fans are loving the Kayo service. All their live sport, mixed with the biggest line-up of on demand content and features that make watching sport simply better, is driving huge engagement,” said Kayo Sports CEO Julian Ogrin.

Lots of exciting sports await Aussie fans later this year and the next. There’s the FIBA World Cup and the Rugby World Cup, two of the most anticipated events to grace the Kayo screens as of late. There’ll be a  summer of cricket with teams touring from New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and the Women’s T20 World Cup as well. 

Kayo ensures that the best streaming experience is delivered as more Aussies use the service to watch their favourite sports. Plus, the sports streaming service is currently working on merging Kayo’s user viewing figures with Foxtel’s OzTAM viewer information. This is to show the consolidated reach of both platforms with the aim to further engage with advertisers.


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