Aussie Broadband Offers Flexible NBN and Mobile Plan Options

Aussie Broadband and Mobile Plans

In an industry filled with products and services offered at competitive rates, standing out enough to entice customers towards your own can pose a challenge. But not for Aussie Broadband. Providing NBN, ADSL, and even mobile broadband and BYO phone plans at reasonable prices accompanied by flexible plans, they seem to have it all figured out.

Their strongest suit of late is their super fast NBN speed, which is faster than what other providers have to offer. As a matter of fact, this is something the telco has recently accomplished — becoming a higher-tier ISP.  Although Aussie Broadband get their network infrastructure from Telstra, the remarkable NBN speeds they’re currently capable of delivering is a result of their continued commitment to providing a congestion-free network.

Aussie Broadband

With Aussie Broadband, subscribers are given the guarantee of faster internet, with NBN a particular strength. Regardless of the broadband service you require, be it NBN, ADSL or mobile broadband, Aussie Broadband aims to deliver. The telco stands out by allowing customers to build their own plans depending on one’s specific needs, meaning you’re not bound to a fixed plan that doesn’t address what you have in mind.

It’s also worth mentioning that Aussie Broadband offers no lock-in contracts, making signing up with them as flexible as it gets. And because the company is purely Australian with a locally-based customer service, your concerns will be attended to in the most efficient way possible.

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Get fast NBN with no lock-in contract

Stream faster with Aussie Broadband. Get a high quality NBN connection starting at just $55/mth with no lock-in contract.

What are the NBN Plans?

If it’s top-speed NBN you’re looking for, Aussie Broadband has a selection of plans you can indulge in, or you can customise your own using the telco’s Build Your Own Plan feature,  something you can’t find with other providers. If it’s a pre-set plan you’re after, their Starter Plan includes 100GB on a 25/5 speed tier at $55/month.

Alternatively, if you wish to build your own plan effectively, you first need to figure out the speed tier that you deem suitable. From there, you can begin creating a plan by choosing the data limit that suits your needs and budget. For instance, if you want a 100/40 connection, you can choose from 500GB for $85/month right up to 900GB for $97/month. The Unlimited Plan, meanwhile, is only $2 away for $99/month. On the 50/20 speed tier, the selection is also varied with plans starting from 100GB for $65/month all the way up to 900GB for $78/month.

What About ADSL?

While the NBN’s rollout has been extensive, there are still areas that are not yet covered. If you live in one of these areas, ADSL is still a great option for a decent internet connection, with Aussie Broadband offering numerous cost-effective plans. Data inclusion varies from 50GB up to unlimited, while the plans cost between $60/month and $79/month. There’s also a one-off standard installation fee of $110. All plans also come with no lock-in contract, meaning you can cross out cancellation fees from your list of concerns.

Are Data-Only Plans Available?

If you have other devices that need data, Aussie Broadband’s mobile broadband can help. Their data-only plans vary from 1GB up to 40GB with prices ranging from $10/month to $75/month. All plans include a 4G SIM Card for guaranteed fast network and wide coverage. With no minimum term and value-for-money data allowances, it’s easier to be online, all the time. It is, however, important to note that Aussie’s SIM-only service can’t be purchased as a standalone service.

Does Aussie Broadband Offer Mobile Plans?

Aussie Broadband also offers BYO mobile plans that don’t bind customers to lengthy 12-month or 24-month contracts. With Aussie, you can enjoy the freedom of calling and texting non-stop while casually switching your status to online whenever you want, courtesy of generous data inclusions. With a total of eight plans to choose from, data allowances range from 1GB up to 40GB with the plans costing between $15 and $79/month. All plans include unlimited standard calls, as well as SMS and MMS.


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