Aussie Broadband Delivers Fast NBN up to 250/100Mbps

Aussie Broadband has been winning plenty of fans in recent years, with their lightning fast and reliable NBN service a major reason for their success.

When you’re looking to sign up with a broadband network, there are essentially two things you’re looking for – a fast, reliable service, and affordability. Often, one seems to come at the expense of the other, and you end up either with a speedy connection that breaks the bank, or a cheap plan that doesn’t work properly. With Aussie Broadband, there’s no need to compromise – you can get access to Australia’s fastest NBN speeds without having to blow your budget.

Fastest Speeds

A large reason for Aussie Broadband’s rise to fame in the broadband industry has been the speed and reliability of the connection. They offer plans at the ‘Ultra-Fast’ speed, which gives you the fastest NBN speed of 250/100Mbps. So quick are the download speeds you get with Aussie, they were recently declared the provider that offers the best NBN speeds in the country by ACCC. Waiting for your page to load or watching that dreaded buffering signal on Netflix is a thing of the past!

No Slowdown

Upon launching their NBN service, Aussie Broadband made the bold promise of no slowdown during peak periods with their service. Ambitious though it may have been, they’ve managed to achieve it. The company actively stops new connections when a given NBN point is close to capacity, after which they upgrade capacity and connect new customers. On top of that, Aussie Broadband has direct links to each of the 121 NBN connection points around the country, something that is generally reserved for giants like Telstra and Optus. With no slowdown during peak periods a feature of Aussie’s service, you can feel confident that your lightning fast network will continue to deliver throughout the day.

Customised Plans

Aussie Broadband lets you customise your own plans so you can create one that’s perfect for you. Simply choose your speed, from the Standard nbn25 all the way up to the aforementioned Ultra-Fast nbn250, and then pick exactly how much data you think you’ll need per month. On the Ultra-Fast speed, Aussie offer 16 different data allowance options to ensure they cater for every type of internet user, starting at 500GB – which will cost you $170/month – and going all the way up to 3000GB of data – which is set at $250/month.

Australia-based Customer Support

Aussie Broadband, true to their name, have resisted outsourcing their customer service team overseas like so many of their competitors, instead keeping the team at the company’s office. This means that, rather than being forced to answer questions with predetermined responses that cater only to generic issues, you’ll have your qualms attended to by someone who really knows how to help. With a range of ways to reach the team – which is available from 8am to midnight every day of the week for technical support and accounts – any problems which may arise will quickly be attended to.

Included Modem on 24-month Plans

Aussie Broadband likes to keep things flexible for the customer, offering plans on both month-to-month contracts or 24-month deals. If you’re happy to sign up for an extended period, however, there are some perks that come with it – most notably the addition of an nbn-certified modem as a free inclusion. Often a surprise cost when you sign up to a new service, this perk makes the prospect of joining Aussie Broadband that little bit more attractive.

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