Amazon Music Offers Unlimited Plans for Nonstop Streaming

As much as movies and shows bring people the ultimate escape, music’s in it for the long haul, too. For all the music lovers out there, Amazon Music has got the most amazing deal — sign up to any of the Amazon Music Unlimited plans and get access to 50 million songs including new releases anytime, anywhere.

Even the dreariest of days can be salvaged with that one perfect song. If music is something that you need on a daily basis, it only makes sense to purchase a service that’ll give you unlimited access to millions of songs without any hassles. With Amazon Music Unlimited, customers are offered three plans: Echo, Individual, and Family. And the best thing is that you get to try any of this plan free for 30 days.

What Each Plan Offers

If you own Amazon Echo, Dot or Spot, you can sign up to Amazon Music’s Echo Plan for only $4.99 per month. Doing so ensures two things – limitless songs and the Alexa experience exclusive to Amazon Music.

Otherwise, there’s the Individual Plan to get everything sorted out — ideal if you have multiple devices that you want to use. With the Individual Plan, you get a single account for your smartphone, tablet and/or computer for $11.99 per month.

Finally, there’s the Family Plan designed for the whole family to enjoy unlimited music in one plan. It has the benefits of the Individual Plan but with the distinction of including up to six family members getting their own account with access to 50 million songs. For $17.99 per month, each member of the family gets an exclusive with their favourite music whenever.

Need help searching for something specific? Just ask Alexa. She’ll know. Moreover, the Echo Plan serves as a unique, affordable plan created for Echo owners who only want to listen to Amazon Music Unlimited on their Echo and nowhere else. It’s as easy as it gets with Amazon Music.

amazon music

Amazon Music. 50 million songs. $11.99/month.

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Cancel anytime
  • Zero ads + unlimited skips
  • Family options available

Amazon Music Features

To begin with, Amazon Music Unlimited means over 50 million songs including the latest releases from today’s most famous artists. That sure is enough to make music fans giddy but it’s also the accompanying features that make any of the Amazon Music’s plans a great catch. Subscribers can listen without the hassles of ads with unlimited skips. You can also download whatever song you like for offline listening. More importantly, there’s Alexa, Amazon Music’s very own voice control technology to help you play music hands-free.

Can I Cancel or Change Plans Anytime?

There’s no lock-in contract when you sign up so you can cancel or switch plans whenever you change your mind. There are no cancellation fees to worry about, either. However, charges apply as soon as your 30-day free trial expires.

“Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited”

Get a 30-day trial run with Amazon Music Unlimited to experience music in the most prolific and convenient way possible. Just ask Alexa and she’ll lead you right into it. Signing up is easy and getting out of it is just as fuss-free. But with a huge selection of music, including the latest releases and the fancy technology that backs it up, it’s doubtful you’ll want to leave.

So, what happens when the music stops? Nothing dramatic, really. You play something else just as awesome as the previous one — provided you have Amazon Music Unlimited to make that happen. With over 50 million songs to offer plus the ingenious voice controls that is Alexa, Amazon Music takes music and innovation to a whole new level.

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