Unlimited 1GB Mobile Plan with No Lock-In Contract from amaysim

Customers who don’t require much data but still need the standard unlimited texting and calling will find amaysim’s cheapest plan the ultimate deal. For $10 every 28 days, you can enjoy non-stop talk and text plus 1GB of data for your occasional internet needs.

Aside from the aforementioned inclusions, which are great enough already, amaysim’s unlimited 1GB plan also comes with a no lock-in contract – all this for only $10/28 days.

About amaysim

The telco’s offerings are widely sought after – not only because they’re affordable, but also because customers are spared from the hassle of lengthy contracts. The combination of the company’s value-for-money plans, the flexibility it offers, and its reliable online customer service is what makes amaysim the right choice for many. 

Since the telco is all about keeping things simple for subscribers, it provides features and services that do exactly just that. To manage your account or to simply find out how much data you’re using, you can easily download their app. From there, it’s pretty much straightforward. 

Call and Text Inclusions

Amaysim’s 1GB mobile plan offers non-stop talk and text with its unlimited standard calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles and landlines. So that when the afternoon slump hits you hard, you can always rely on some good old banter with your friends to liven you up, even when they’re not around.

No Lock-in Contracts

Amaysim’s confidence in their products and services is manifested in their no lock-in contract plans. With this, you can change your mind and the plan you’re in without having to worry about any cancellation fees. That truly saves you from a whole lot of inconveniences sometimes brought by long-term plans.

28-Day Auto Renewal 

The plans automatically renew every 28 days. With auto-renew, your amaysim service is guaranteed to be uninterrupted. You don’t have to do anything to recharge your plan as it does so on its own unless you cancel.

Network and Coverage

The telco’s mobile plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network, ensuring reliable network and coverage. If you run out of data, you can choose to top up for $10/1GB. If you find your data needs changing, you can always move up your plan and get the data allowance that suits your preference.

Can I Keep my Number? 

Absolutely. You just need to provide account details with your current provider and amaysim will do the rest. No paperwork needed and no downtime. What’s more is that everything is processed online, so it’s quick and easy.

How to Purchase a SIM? 

You can buy online or get one from any of amaysim’s 12,000 retail stores. Once you do, just go online to choose a plan and activate. Fast and easy – just the way you like it. Standard SIM delivery is also offered for free.

What else does amaysim Offer?

If you reckon you need more data, you can always choose from amaysim’s other mobile deals. The data offerings under its SIM-only plans range from 1GB to 40GB and from $10 to $50 for every 28 days. For customers who need international calls, the Unlimited 10GB, 20GB, and 40GB plans include standard international calls to 10 countries, while the highest-value plan also includes 300 international minutes to 22 countries. Moreover, amaysim also provides appealing data-only and NBN plans meant to suffice the need of every customer. 

What Countries are Included?

The 10 select countries are China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and USA. The 22 countries included, on the other hand, are Austria, Cambodia, Chile, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Pakistan, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Value-Packed Plans on the Optus 4G Plus Network

Get unlimited talk and texts + great data allowances on these amaysim SIM-only deals! Plans start from $10/mth with no lock-in contract.


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