Amaysim Offers Big Data for Few Dollars – up to 20GB to Use Anytime!

Watch out data-holics, amaysim just upped data inclusions on the $40 and $50 mobile plans. The new plans offer 15GB for $40 and 20GB for $50 – a significant boost to existing plans with no change to the cost. Plus, the telco now sells a 100GB data-only plan, perfect as an alternative for fixed broadband.

Amaysim upped its game for two of its top mobile plans. Just in time for the holidays, when connecting with friends and family is high on the agenda. Amaysim’s $40 and $50 unlimited SIM-only mobile plans now come with a whopping 15GB and 20GB of data. That’s a 5GB and 6GB boost respectively with no change to the cost.

Mobile plans from amaysim now range from 1GB to 20GB, for $10 to $50. To find out how much data you need, take a look at our handy guide. All plans come with unlimited talk/text. Moreover, the $30, $40 and $50 plans offer unlimited standard calls to 10 countries, and the top two plans throw 300 minutes of international standard calls to other 22 countries into the mix. Until December 15, you get $5 off per renewal for 6 plan renewals on the $30 plan. Simply use code 5OFF6 at checkout on the amaysim website.

At the same time, amaysim has refreshed its suite of mobile data-only plans, which includes a new 100GB plan. The plans are a great alternative for Australians struggling with home internet options and a welcome joy to mobile broadband customers seeking more data. Amaysim’s data-only plans now offer 2GB for $15, 5GB for $25, 20GB for $45, 50GB for $60 and 100GB for $70.

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