amaysim Increase Data Inclusions on Selected SIM-Only Plans

More data on your mobile phone means more surfing and streaming even when you’re out and about. Finding plans with substantial data allowances without the hefty monthly costs can be difficult though, which is why with amaysim, you get the best of both worlds — low-cost BYO mobile plans, now with increased data inclusions on their higher-value plans and with no lock-in contracts.

Since most SIM-only plans offer unlimited calls and text by default,  choosing the right plan for you largely relies on how much data you can get. With this in mind, amaysim’s newly revamped plans greatly favour customers in terms of data allocation. Their highest-value $50 plan, for instance, has now its data doubled to 40GB from the original 20GB. Considering the price remains the same, that is a significant increase.

Bigger Data on $30, $40, and $50 Plans

The telco intends to focus on their mobile offerings now that they have sold their internet business to Southern Phone. Overall, amaysim’s mobile lineup consists of five plans, which all include unlimited talk and text in Australia. It starts with the $10 plan with 1GB of data, followed by the $20 plan with 2.5GB. The three remaining plans, though, are where it gets exciting.

The $30 plan, for starters, now offers 10GB – up from the previous 5GB inclusion – while the $40 plan got a 5GB increase for a total of 20GB. Finally, there’s the $50 plan, which also had its data doubled from 20GB to 40GB. The increase on select plans is a notable improvement with amaysim acknowledging the customers’ need for bigger data without being locked in to expensive deals. Now you can get a plan without the low data limits while paying the same monthly price.

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Unlimited Standard International Calls

While data allowances this generous already make the plans valuable, the included unlimited international calls to 10 countries are another great addition. If you sign up to the highest $50 plan, you’ll also get an extra 300 international minutes to 22 other destinations. It is important to note that while the data allowances on the top 3 plans have been bumped up, the plan cost per 28 days stays as is.

Getting Connected with amaysim

When you sign up to any amaysim mobile plan, you’re not locked in to a lengthy contract. Subscription is on a month-to-month basis, which gives you the freedom to cancel if you change your mind without penalties. Backed by Optus’ solid network and coverage, which covers 98.5% of Australia, you can be comfortable about the quality of service you’re getting. And when you do decide to join amaysim, you just need to sign up and your SIM will be delivered in no time and for free. It’s easy from the get-go and it only gets better.

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