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With literally dozens of mobile providers now competing for attention and your dollar, you might sigh a little at the arrival of yet another. Or, more likely, you might decide to check them out to see what deals they’re pushing your way! Thankfully, you no longer have to commit to a hefty monthly fee on a long-term contract to get your mobile onto a fast, reliable network for your talking, texting and mobile data. So checking out a fresh provider like Jeenee may be up your alley. But how do they compare to veteran telco Telstra?

For one, Jeenee Mobile is unique – it was set up originally as a “social enterprise” to help people with disabilities get access to mobile phone services. While they now sell their service to anyone, the profits they make go directly towards helping people living with a disability.

Jeenee operates on a SIM-only, no contract basis, and runs on the Optus 4G network – ensuring huge coverage and fast data speeds. Their pricing is pretty ground-breaking, too. If you’re looking for a quality mobile service at affordable prices, they’re definitely worth checking out.

But how does a small fish like Jeenee compare to Telstra, the biggest provider in the country? Are you really saving a lot? And can their call and data inclusions compare? Let’s take a look at what each has to offer. With Telstra being restricted to SIM-only, no-contract plans so we’re playing fair.

Jeenee’s Plans

First up, Jeenee plans offer three term options — month-to-month, 6 months, and 12 months. The range of choices they give you across their plans is also quite remarkable.

If it’s unlimited calls you’re after, they have plans ranging from $9.90 to $40 per month, with the biggest differentiator being the data allowance. A modest international calls allowance comes into play at the higher tiers as well. With 1GB data at $9.90 and 15GB at $40, the real sweet spot is the $32/month 10GB plan, which gives you unlimited everything alongside $300 worth of international calls.

So, where do the 6-month and 12-month options fit in? When you opt to sign up to Jeenee on a contract, you get higher data allowances. For example, the 10GB data you get from the $32 plan on a month-to-month term increases to 18GB if you decide to purchase the 12-month plan. 

If you just want massive amounts of data with your unlimited calls, you can opt for a 3G-only service which ramps up the data allowance, getting you 30GB for $45 per month or an eye-popping 90GB for $74 per month. They call them “Mammoth” plans for a reason! 

Telstra’s Plans

With prices like that, you’d think it’s going to be hard for Telstra to compete when it comes to month-to-month plans. After all, their business model is all about getting customers to agree to stay with the company for the long haul. So you’re looking at four Prepaid plans, which all offer unlimited calls and texts, with a $30 recharge getting you 2.5GB, a $40 recharge offering 5GB, a $50 recharge giving 7.5GB and a $60 recharge getting you 10GB (though half of those allowances is “night data”). The three higher recharges also include unlimited international calls to 10 destinations. 

To really eke out the real value from Telstra, opting for a 12-month plan is arguably the better move, with their current BYO plan giving you unlimited calls and a hefty 15GB plus another 15GB bonus data for only $49 per month. Even better —  you can thrown in an additional $10 to get 60GB of total data plus unlimited international talk and text to 15 countries. However, this one is a contract plan, so not directly comparable with Jeenee’s offerings, which favour those who don’t want to commit to a year-long lock-in mobile spend.

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Who comes out on top?

If you’re keen to get onto the Telstra network – coverage in more remote areas is often a very real decider in favour of the telco – then the good news is that their plans have become more generous at far lower prices than ever before.

But if you’re keeping an eye on the budget, value the freedom to switch plans whenever you want, and like the idea of helping out less fortunate members of the community whilst getting a first-class mobile service, it’s a great time to give Jeenee some attention. Their plans are flexible and cover a huge range of different needs. Moreover, they’re constantly coming up with new ways to discount plans that are already unbelievably cheap.

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