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Let’s be honest here. There is a lot of film and TV streaming services doing the rounds these days. But, since 2006, Microsoft Films and TV has provided loyal Microsoft users with the freshest films and TV series, making them one of the true originals. Now they’re launching the latest edition of their video streaming service: Microsoft Films and TV.

What’s in this Guide?

What is Microsoft Films and TV?

On Microsoft Films and TV, you can buy and/or rent the content of your choice. After paying, you can download or stream TV shows or movies you want on a wide range of devices. On the one hand, you can watch whenever you like, even offline. On the other hand, rented media is only available to users for two weeks. In addition, after you play the media for the first time, you only have one full day to watch to the end before rental license expiration kicks in. Take note that Microsoft Films & TV requires a broadband internet connection and a Microsoft account to use.

What’s on Microsoft Films and TV?

Microsoft Films and TV offers thrilling hit TV series and blockbuster movies that everyone’s talking about. New episodes come so quickly they’re on Microsoft Films and TV the day after they air. As for the films, they arrive fresh from their stints at the box office. For some, it certainly beats going out to watch a single film. Movies that have been out for a few months are ready for purchase. Additionally, other newer films are ready for pre-ordering.

They are currently classic movies like Dune 1984, the complete Harry Potter film series, and the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy. Among the new arrivals are The Purge’s five-movie collection, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, and Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Movie.

Rick & Morty, The Office, and Doctor Who are up for grabs on the TV show side of things. There’s even The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead in there.

How much does a Microsoft Films and TV subscription cost?

The great thing about a Microsoft Films and TV account is that it’s free, and you only have to purchase or rent the titles you want to see. So Microsoft Films and TV works much like video-on-demand services. So, we’ll break things down:

How much are the movies?

First off, movies don’t have a set price. Instead, they vary. One pricing factor is how long it’s been since a given film’s original release date. Of course, newer movies cost more than movies that have been out for a while. Also, the price depends on the quality. Microsoft Films and TV offers both Standard Definition, or SD, and High Definition, or HD. Of course, HD features a higher price than SD.

Additionally, some movies can be purchased, while others can only be rented.

How much are the TV shows?

As for television shows, pricing also varies according to several factors, like video quality and how long it’s been since its release. Now, one factor unique to TV series is the number of episodes you’re downloading. So if you only want, say, one episode, then naturally, it’ll cost way less than downloading an entire show. Prices vary depending on how many episodes or seasons there are in a particular series. And don’t forget about the quality differences on top of that.

Side note: you can’t rent a TV show, only buy it.

Still a bit much?

Now, don’t fret about pricing. Of course, you can wait for the price of a specific title to go down. But this means you risk FOMO and being at the mercy of the dreaded sudden spoilers. But if you want to avoid this, they’ve got your back. Microsoft Films & TV will feature some sales that’ll cut movie and TV show prices. Does 30% or more sound tempting? Well then, don’t just sit there. Instead, get yourself the app and take advantage of the next big Microsoft Films & TV store sale.

And to sweeten the deal, there’s also the free film weekends. For two days only, Microsoft picks a particular movie you can rent for free.

Are movie and TV downloads available offline, too?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ Now, while the Internet’s gone global, there are times where you’re without a trusty connection. So Microsoft Films and TV has you covered by allowing you to keep your purchases on your Windows and/or Xbox devices via the Microsoft Store app. So wherever you are (and however your Internet is doing), you can watch your downloaded purchases without any interruptions.

Keep in mind that you can download purchases about five times across different devices. However, rentals are solely available on the initial device you rented them on.

How and where can you watch your purchases and rentals?

Provided that you have:

  • a decent internet connection;
  • a Microsoft account; and 
  • a device that supports Windows, 

you can enjoy rent or purchase movies,  TV shows, or film series from the Microsoft Store on Xbox, Windows, and and it will instantly appear in the Films & TV app on your Microsoft devices. The app also lets you play and manage videos from your own collection. In addition, interested users will want to download the Microsoft movies and TV app to access a wide selection of entertainment media.

So then, how do you watch Microsoft movies and TV shows on Android or smart TV? Well, the Microsoft Films and TV app only runs on a couple of devices, such as the following:

  • Windows 10 PC; 
  • Xbox One console; and
  • Xbox 360 console.

The Xbox Video app will allow users of these devices to access their downloads:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows RT and 
  • Windows Phone 8. 

A device that runs on an older Windows OS can’t access the Microsoft Films and TV app. This goes for devices that are not Microsoft-aligned. Such devices can only watch their purchases on the web-based player. So if you want to watch Microsoft’s movies and TV shows on iOS, it’s not going to fly. 

Now, if you want to interact with video content but don’t want to use the Films and TV app, you’ll need any of these web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or up
  • Mozilla Firefox 18 or up
  • Google Chrome 24 or up
  • Safari 6.0 or up. 

In addition, you need to install Microsoft Silverlight version 5 or up.

Is there a rewards program that rewards customer loyalty?

You can also count on Xbox Live Rewards. As a nod to its roots in video games, its rewards have a completionist twist to them. To get rewards, you fill out surveys, purchase additional content, or even pre-order games. In return, users can get Rewards Credits that can be converted into currency. This plays well with Microsoft Films and TV. Spend the money you gain from your rewards on even more Microsoft movies and TV shows.

What people are asking about Microsoft Films and TV

  • What devices are compatible with Microsoft Films & TV?

To enjoy Microsoft Films & TV, you must have a compatible Windows device in addition to a broadband Internet connection and an active Microsoft account. Only the following devices can run the official Films & TV app: Windows 10 PC, Xbox One console, Xbox 360 console

The Xbox Video app for Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8 allows users to access their libraries. The Films & TV app does not support older Windows operating systems or non-Microsoft devices.

  • What type of content does Microsoft Films & TV offer?

Microsoft Films & TV offers thousands of movies and TV episodes, ranging from big-budget blockbusters to indie gems.

  • Can I watch movies and shows on Microsoft Films & TV?

On your Windows 10 device, Microsoft Films & TV lets you watch the newest HD movies and TV episodes. Rent and purchase new blockbuster films and classics, or watch TV shows from the previous night. Movies & TV also gives you rapid HD access and quick access to your video library.

  • What internet browsers support Microsoft Films & TV?

A compatible web browser is required to play, browse, and purchase video material outside of the Films & TV app. For the time being, it means Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 18 or higher, Google Chrome 24 or higher, or Safari 6.0 or higher.

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