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Where to Watch or Stream the 2020 NRL Season

The long history of the National Rugby League has seen some fierce contests over the years, as well as some passionate inter-state rivalries. The 2019 season was no exception, with the storied Sydney Roosters taking on a revitalised Canberra Raiders, the Premiership’s surprise package. A Roosters side featuring the now retired Cooper Cronk were in no mood to let their crown slip – eventually retaining the NRL trophy after a 14-8 victory.

That was the first time the Roosters and Raiders had met in a Grand Final since the NRL was formed, but it almost certainly won’t be the last – and already the ladder is setting up a possible rematch between the two teams for the 2020 premiership. But there’s a number of teams high on the ladder with other ideas, including Cameron Smith’s Melbourne Storm.

The 2020 Season – the Telstra Premiership, State of Origin and More

There’s always plenty of NRL action to keep up with just from the main Telstra Premiership season, which is well under way for 2020 and could still see several teams facing off in the Grand Final. But alongside that competition – already a multi-state test of loyalty – there’s the traditional State of Origin series where New South Wales and Queensland fight it out for a victory that’s every bit as coveted as the main premiership.

Alongside all that action, there’s also the Canterbury Cup, the Super Cup and more to keep tabs on – if you’re a dedicated NRL fan that likes to take in the wider rugby picture, there’s a lot of scheduling to keep up with!


How to Stream the 2020 NRL Premiership and More

Keeping up with all things rugby used to be a bit of a balancing act between free to air TV and various pay TV sports channels, but that all changed a couple of years back thanks to a new rights agreement with Fox Sports. Now, you can watch each and every game of the Telstra Premiership right up till the Grand Final, live as it happens, and with no ad breaks interrupting the action during play. The NRL now has its own dedicated channel run by Fox Sports, and that means comprehensive coverage.

But getting access to that channel and all it has to offer isn’t necessarily cheap. You’d either have to subscribe to Foxtel via their satellite service, or opt for the streaming alternative with Foxtel Now. Both can be pretty affordable if you find special offers and pick the right packages, but if all you’re interested in is sports in general and NRL in particular, there’s a much better option in play these days.

Kayo Sports is Australia’s first dedicated sports streaming service – kind of a “Netflix for sport” where you pay a flat monthly subscription and get access to absolutely everything they have to offer. And when it comes to NRL and all things rugby, they offer a lot.

The key thing to be aware of is that Kayo’s backed by the power of Fox Sports, and has access to absolutely everything that Fox Sports broadcasts. So for the NRL, that means every match, every week, (Grand final excluded) streamed live in high definition and available to reply any time you like – with some very clever special features.

Once you’ve signed up to Kayo, downloaded the app and logged in, you can pick the sports and TV shows you want to keep a close eye on (alongside NRL there’s several other rugby competitions, too) and narrow it down to specific teams if you like. And then sit back and let Kayo bring the games to you. You’re able to stream any match live, but if you come in late, you can start streaming from the beginning as though it was live, even while the game’s still being played. No other streaming provider offers that kind of flexibility.

Stream NRL with Kayo Sports

You can also watch the NRL online with a Kayo Sports subscription. Kayo is available as a stand-alone, no lock-in subscription that gives you all the same channels as Fox Sports. There are two types of monthly payment depending on whether you want to watch on one or more devices at once.

A Basic Kayo plan costs $25/month, allowing you to watch on up to two devices at any one time. The second option is the Premium plan, which costs $35/month, with the ability to watch on up to three devices at any given time. And best of all, you get to try it all out for free with Kayo’s 14 day trial offer.

Sign up to Kayo’s FREE 14 day trial offer

Live sport returns to Kayo, with every game and every round from the NRL and AFL, action from the Super Rugby, UFC and V8 Supercars – all available on Kayo’s 14 day trial.

Watch Kayo with Telstra

Alternatively, you can access Kayo Sports with Kayo from Telstra, a 12-month contract service that works out $10 cheaper every month over an annual period. The Basic package is reduced to $15/month, whilst the Premium option costs only $25/month, a big saving for those all-year-round sports fans who love their cricket and soccer as much as their footy and league.

Discounted Kayo Sports with Telstra

Telstra customers get Kayo Sports reduced from $25 to $15 per month. Watch over 50+ live sports inc NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, F1, UFC, NBA and more. Redeem by 30 September.

NRL 2020 LIVE TV Schedule (Sydney time)

Among the action this week being broadcast Live on the Fox League channel (Foxtel/Kayo) with no ad-breaks during play, that will either be limited by geography or not available on the NRL Free to Air provider (Network Nine), includes:

Thu, Sep 24Broncos vs CowboysLIVE: 7.50pmKayo / Foxtel / Nine
Fri, Sep 25Titans vs KnightsLIVE: 6.00pmKayo / Foxtel
Fri, Sep 25Rabbitohs vs RoostersLIVE: 7.55pmKayo / Foxtel / Nine
Sat, Sep 26Bulldogs vs PanthersLIVE: 3.00pmKayo / Foxtel
Sat, Sep 26Sharks vs RaidersLIVE: 5.30pmKayo / Foxtel
Sat, Sep 26Tigers vs EelsLIVE: 7.35pmKayo / Foxtel
Sun, Sep 27 Warriors vs Sea EaglesLIVE: 2.00pmKayo / Foxtel
Sun, Sep 27 Dragons vs StormLIVE: 4.05pm Kayo / Foxtel / Nine

Kayo’s Special Features

If Kayo was just about getting access to streaming all the NRL season’s games, that would already be great. But Kayo’s more than just a simple streaming service – it’s a complete platform for sports fans to watch, interact with and experience their codes of choice. Because it was built with the sports audience specifically in mind, Kayo’s designers developed some innovative special features that can’t be found anywhere else.

No Spoilers: Because you’re able to load up Kayo and start streaming from the beginning of a match even while it’s still in progress, a “No Spoilers” feature is built in – and enabled by default. What this means is that if you want to stream a match from the start, you won’t ever see the current scores that are usually a part of the Kayo interface before you get to that point of the game. You could schedule an entire afternoon of matches for yourself and watch all of them as though they were being played live.

Split View: One of those features that’s more useful than most might think, this lets you keep watching your main game, but choose up to three others to stream in windows on the same screen, so you can keep track of other matches – or even other sports – in real time while you watch. It’s easy to switch between al, four streams, too, if something exciting happens.

Key Moments: Kayo’s Key Moments feature is a great way to see all the most important bits of a game without having to watch through the whole thing – fantastic if you’re watching a replay, and easy to use as well. You’ll see markers appear on the streaming timeline, signifying the start of a half, a try, a pen goal and more. Just click on the moment to jump to and you’re watching it instantly. It’s also great for jumping straight back for an instant replay.

Live Stats: Kayo keeps track of all the vital stats from each game, and you can view them in real time – fed by info from Fox Sports’ dedicated statisticians – simply by pulling up a heads-up display with all the vital info right in front of you.

Documentaries, Minis and Extras

Alongside the games, Kayo also gives you access to Fox League’s exclusive regular shows (like NRL 360, Big League Wrap and NRL Tonight) and a selection of docos and other insights into the world of the NRL. And for those really in a hurry, there’s also Kayo’s innovative Kayo Minis replays, which condense entire NRL games into bite-sized 15 to 20-minute videos that you can watch in your spare time without missing any of the key action.

Tons of NRL for Not Much Money

Kayo Sports is a bargain for any NRL fan, and if you’re not convinced it’ll be worth the $25 a month, you can try it out for free for two full weeks with no lock-in contract. The trial period provides access to absolutely everything Kayo has to offer, and no obligation to spend anything. Check out the free trial, though, and you’ll quickly realise that Kayo’s the streaming service no sports fan can be without.

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