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Where to Watch Motorsport Live in Australia

The roar of turbo-charged engines. The glamour and spectacle of the race location. The smell of fuel and melting rubber and the sheer excitement of the noise as some of the fastest machines on the planet trading paint as they race for the chequered flag… That’s the essence of motorsport for millions of fans. The sport has come a long way in recent years, as technology becomes a vital part of the design of the cars, the strategy of the race and the engines themselves.

Some of the most-watched sports in the world involve drivers and riders – such as Formula One, MotoGP and V8 Supercars. Find out how to watch and stream every race live and in HD for free right here.

Watch World Class Motorsports Every Weekend

The international prestige and spectacle of Formula 1 isn’t the only motorsport game in town. All over the world, high-octane championships are underway with racing that takes in all kinds of vehicles and tracks.

Australia’s legendary Supercars Championship pairs some of the best drivers in the country with powerful, beefy V8 cars that aren’t messing around. Over in the States, the iconic Indycar series combines the precision of custom-designed cars with the raw speed of the oval track with often devastating results.

And for those who prefer two wheels, MotoGP delivers thrills (and frequent spills) in its main division as well as two others. Or if it’s dirt, bikes and big air that you’re after, Supercross has got you covered.

How to Stream Best Motorsport in 2021

With so much high-octane motorsport action going on in Australia and around the world, it can be hard to find a way to keep up with it all. And with free to air TV coverage being limited at best, any dedicated motorsport fan will already know that holding out for random late-night TV coverage just doesn’t cut it.

Fox Sports has been covering motorsports for years, and these days holds the broadcast rights to a whole bunch of them – including, of course, the coveted Formula One Grand Prix. All you need to do is get hooked up to Foxtel via a satellite installation – or subscribe to their streaming alternative Foxtel Now – and you’re good to go.

There are problems with that, though. Firstly, it can be more expensive than many would like, since you need to subscribe to a bunch of channels you might not even want before you can get access to the sports channels. There’s also a limited amount of in-race features if you want to view the biggest races from a unique or different angle.

A New Home for Motorsport

When it comes to motorsports, Kayo has you covered with nearly a dozen different competitions, from Formula One to the MotoGP Championship (including Moto2 and Moto3) and Virgin Supercars, where the Bathurst 1000 race is one of the most-watched sporting events on Aussie TV. With Kayo, you can select only the sports you’re interested in, and from there pick the exact competitions you want to follow – and then you’ll have easy instant access to each and every event, streamed live as it happens or later on demand.

You can even start streaming later as though the event was live – even if it’s still running at the time. No other live streaming service offers that level of flexibility, and for Australian motorsport fans it’s brilliant – you can effectively move the week’s F1 Grand Prix race to the next morning when it better suits you, but watch it (in full high definition) exactly as you would if it was happening live.

Stream Motorsport on Kayo Sports

You can also watch the best motorsport online with a Kayo Sports subscription. Kayo is available as a stand-alone, no lock-in subscription that gives you all the same channels as Fox Sports. There are two types of monthly payment depending on whether you want to watch on one or more devices at once.

Basic Kayo plan costs $25/month, allowing you to watch on up to two devices at any one time. The second option is the Premium plan, which costs $35/month, with the ability to watch on up to three devices at any given time. And best of all, you get to try it all out for free with Kayo’s 14 day trial offer.

Sign up to Kayo’s free 14 day trial offer

Watch Live NRL, AFL, Supercars, F1, MotoGP and more action with Kayo Sports now. Stream it all for free with 14 day free trial offer today!

Watch Kayo with Telstra

Alternatively, you can access Kayo Sports with Kayo from Telstra, a 12-month contract service that works out $10 cheaper every month over an annual period. The Basic package is reduced to $15/month, whilst the Premium option costs only $25/month, a big saving for those all-year-round sports fans who love their cricket and soccer as much as their footy and league.

Cheapest way to watch sport on Kayo this season

The best offer for Kayo is on Telstra this season. As a Telstra customer, get $10 off per month your Kayo subscription (so that’s just $15/month)! Claim this before 31 May.

Motorsport Coming Up On Kayo

MotoGPFrench GP14-16 MayFoxtel / Kayo
IndyCarIndianapolis Motor Speedway16 MayFoxtel / Kayo
Formula 1Monaco GP21-23 MayFoxtel / Kayo
SupercarsWinton SuperSprint29-30 MayFoxtel / Kayo
IndyCarIndianapolis 50031 MayFoxtel / Kayo

Kayo’s Special Features Enhance Motorsport

There’s no other streaming service quite like Kayo – designed specifically with sports fans in mind from the ground up. And as you log in and start exploring what Kayo has to offer, you’ll run across some of the innovative, exclusive features that you can take advantage of as you stream your race. Exactly which features are available depends on the device you’re using to stream – a PC web browser or the Apple TV are great choices to get the full feature set – but the Kayo experience always goes beyond just streaming the event.

Split View: One of the most useful and fun features that Kayo’s brought to sports streaming, Split View lets you play TV director for the day, choosing up to three extra streams to pop into windows right there on your TV or device screen. It’s a feature that lots of people love for the ability to keep up with multiple sports at once, but in the case of motorsports like Formula One, there’s something special in store for you. Extra video feeds are provided for select races – for example, the Co-pilot View (putting you in the front seat of several of the cars for the duration) and the Pit Crew View. You can send those extra feeds to windows on your screen and switch between them whenever you like, giving you a level of control you just can’t get from regular TV.

No Spoilers: No matter which race you’re watching and when you’re watching it, you don’t want to know the result before you’ve had a chance to see it for yourself. Kayo provides up to the minute results and places for all the sports it covers, but by default the “No Spoilers” option is turned on – which means you won’t see any scores or results as you’re getting ready to stream. You can watch events “as live” whenever you like.

Extra Content

Alongside streams of the week’s motorsport action, you’ll find a whole bunch of extra video content for you to explore. There are regular shows, documentaries and weekly wrap-ups – and also classic replays of races from the past, letting you relive history like the Australian Grand Prix from 1994 (back in its Adelaide days) at the press of a button. For some events, like Supercars, there are also Kayo Minis replays – specially-condensed bite-sized versions of the races that you can watch on your lunch break, giving you all the key action without the time commitment.

Try Kayo Motorsport Streaming for Free!

With so much motorsport on offer – and tons of other sports along with it – you’d expect Kayo to be hiding some sort of catch behind its $25/month price tag. But what you see is exactly what you get – full access to everything Kayo has on offer, all of it in HD and enhanced with unique features only found on the service. You can road-test it all and see what a difference Kayo makes to the motorsport experience by grabbing the two week free trial. With no obligation to pay a cent, you can stream Kayo’s full range of sports as much as you like – and if you decide to stick around and make it your motorsports hub, it’ll only cost you $25 per month to stream on up to two devices, or $35 to stream on three at the same time. Start your engines!

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