How to Improve Netflix Streaming on Devices

How to Improve Netflix Streaming on Devices


Netflix and Devices

Are you facing problems with your streaming speed on Netflix? While the positioning of your modem or the speed of your Internet may be potential causes, other factors can affect your streaming quality as well.

In this article, we will address each of those reasons as well as provide solutions, so that you can improve Netflix streaming on your Internet-capable devices and ensure a great viewing experience.

Improving Netflix Streaming on Computers


Streaming speed issues that occur on computers can be attributed to the applications/tasks running in the background, window size, screen resolution, or problems with the web browser. Problems can be caused by the size of your browser window, especially if the display of your monitor is larger than 20-inches. Similarly, if you have a dual-monitor setup on your computer, it may also cause problems. An effective solution is to try different browser window sizes and see which particular one is giving you the best results.

Apps or tasks running in the background can also slow down your Netflix streaming speed. So, make sure you close all unnecessary programs, memory-hogging services and even other tabs on your browser. Additionally, OS X and Windows users can face problems streaming Netflix videos from their preferred browser. Therefore, you need to install software (we recommend Microsoft Silverlight) so that the video is streamed to your browser without any disruption. Nevertheless, make sure you have the right version.


Improving Netflix Streaming on Consoles


Usually, a slow streaming speed on your console, particularly Xbox 360, can be due to insufficient bandwidth. Maybe there is something downloading on the PC upstairs in your room, or it could be because you do not have ample connection speed to run Netflix. Getting an Internet connection with a higher speed should solve your streaming problems for good. If you are a PS3 user, system clock issues may cause problems in connectivity with Netflix. To solve issue, open Settings > Date and Time, select the option “Set Manually” and adjust as desired. You will be able to launch Netflix after that.


Improving Netflix Streaming on Mobile Devices


Similar to watching Netflix on your computer, make sure all unnecessary apps and tasks are closed in the background, as this may cause issues with playback. Consider restarting your mobile devices before you run Netflix. Additionally, your data plan can also cause problems with Netflix streaming when you are approaching or have met your limit.

That’s about it. Keep the above-mentioned guidelines in mind and you will be able to avoid problems that affect your Netflix streaming quality.