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The ever-increasing competition in the third-party mobile provider space is reaping great rewards for customers. There is a vast array of no-contract prepaid and postpaid plans on offer, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on your mobile service. Today we take a look at two affordable providers, Yomojo and Woolworths.

Yomojo made a splash by being the first provider in Australia to allow complete personalisation of your mobile plan. The telco lets you choose, if you want to, the amount of calls, text and data you pay for each month to craft a plan that exactly suits you. Woolworths, on the other hand, takes a more conventional approach. They advertise plans that offer more unlimited inclusions (and of course more data) with each plan tier – and a nice discount for loyalty card holders as well.

So which of these two fresh-faced providers deserves your dollars? Let’s take a look at what each has to offer you, and see whether Yomojo or Woolworths is the right fit.

Yomojo Mobile

The bright Yomojo web site makes much of the ability to personalise your mobile plan to your (almost) exact needs. You can do exactly that – customising every month if you want to take that sort of fine-grained control over your mobile spending. But do you even know how many texts you send in a month? Or how long you spend chatting on the phone? Having calls measured in minutes and texts counted one by one might be something a lot of people simply aren’t used to. This is an “unlimited” world after all, with plenty of great-value plans to choose from that relieve you of the burden of tracking your own usage.

Yomojo knows this as well. They’ve got a range of Unlimited plans to cater for that large section of the market. These are far better value than the personalised option, unless you know for certain you’ll only be reaching a certain call or text limit.

So of these four Yomojo mobile plans, which comes out on top? Well, it really depends on your data usage – and with most phones that is far easier to get an estimate on! $30 per 30 days gets you 6GB of data, while $40 buys you 9GB. With $40 per month becoming the new “price you’ll pay if you want unlimited calls and lots of data,” both plans represent great value. It’s hard to chew through 6GB in a month, but 9GB gives you a lot more freedom to embrace stuff like streaming video and audio.

And that’s about as complex as it gets at Yomojo. Running on the Optus 4G Plus network, coverage is extensive across Australia. And yes, on all plans – even the 2GB $20 one – all national calls and texts are unlimited. Both prepaid and postpaid options are available, so if you prefer getting a bill at the end of the month, Yomojo can do that for you.

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Woolworths Mobile

“Woolies” has had years of experience selling mobile phones, plans and SIM cards from their network of supermarkets around the country. You’d expect they’d have a pretty good idea of what their customers want when it comes to a mobile service. And they’ve delivered a very value-packed offering with their Woolworths Mobile plans. Woolworths operates both as a postpaid service if you buy a phone handset on contract with them, and a prepaid service if you’re like many who want the freedom and lack of financial commitment that brings.

It’s Woolworths’ prepaid options that are especially appealing, particularly when comparing to what Yomojo has to offer. You get started by buying a SIM, either online or at your local Woolworths. You can pick from a straight $2 SIM only, or two “starter packs” that are the same price as the regular $30 and $45 recharges, but give you bonus data for the first three subsequent recharges. That basically rules out the $15 recharge as not especially worth it. With only 400MB data and $250 worth of calls, it’s really not.

The key here is that you get a discount on recharges if you’re a Woolworths Rewards card holder. That takes prices down to $27 and $40.50 respectively for the two larger plans, which come with 3GB and 8GB of data. Both feature unlimited calls and texts nationally, $100 of international and “non standard” calls (premium numbers would fall into this category) and unused data rollover each month up to a 15GB maximum. The $45 ($40.50) plan adds unlimited international calls to 10 countries as well, making this one appealing to people with friends and family overseas.

Woolworths Mobile runs on the Telstra 4G network, with all the legendary coverage that brings – and that may be a recommendation in itself!

Yomojo or Woolworths – which one’s right for me?

Up at the $40 tier both Yomojo and Woolworths provide fantastic value, with unlimited calls and text and a big slab of mobile data to play with. Yomojo provides slightly more data for the same price point. However, Woolworths lets you roll over data you don’t use so you can take advantage of it the following month. Woolworths also offers international calls at that level – but to meet the same price point, you will need to sign up for a Rewards card. It’s free, but it may be a step you don’t want to have to make.

One thing’s for sure – whichever one you pick, you’re getting a very capable mobile service. It comes with enough data to appease even the hungriest smartphone, at a price that only a few short years ago would have seemed impossible. We’d call that a big win for you.

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