Yomojo vs Woolworths: Compare Mobile Plans, Deals and Perks!

The ever-increasing competition in the third-party mobile provider space is reaping great rewards for customers. There is a vast array of no-contract prepaid and postpaid plans on offer, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on your mobile service. Today we take a look at two affordable providers, Yomojo and Woolworths.

Yomojo made a splash by being the first provider in Australia to allow complete personalisation of your mobile plan. The telco used to let you choose, if you want to, the amount of calls, text and data you pay for each month to craft a plan that exactly suits you. Since then, they’ve gone to the more conventional approach. Woolworths, on the other hand, has been on the traditional side of things even before. They advertise plans that offer more unlimited inclusions (and of course more data) with each plan tier – and a nice discount for loyalty card holders as well.

So which of these two fresh-faced providers deserves your dollars? Let’s take a look at what each has to offer you, and see whether Yomojo or Woolworths is the right fit.

Yomojo Mobile

The bright Yomojo website makes much of the ability to let customers purchase 2-6 SIM-only plans and combine them into a single account for monthly savings of up to 15%. That’s why Yomojo Mobile is marketed as the ultimate telco that’s great for families, which it really is since it gets you to save on your monthly plan fees.

Yomojo also used to be that one mobile provider that allows their users to customise their plans according to their call, text, and data usage, but they’ve since designed their very own unlimited plans that pack greater inclusions. This is an “unlimited” world after all, with plenty of great-value plans to choose from that relieve you of the burden of tracking your own usage.

Hence, they’ve got a range of unlimited plans to cater to that large section of the market. These are far better value than the personalised option, unless you know for certain you’ll only be reaching a certain call or text limit.

So of these six Yomojo mobile plans, which comes out on top? Well, it really depends on your data usage – and with most phones that are far easier to get an estimate on! $9.90 per 30 days gets you 1GB of data, while $15.90 buys you 2GB. With $19.90 per month, you’ll have 4GB, 10GB for $29.90, and 16GB for $34.90. The 16GB plan definitely gives you a lot more freedom to embrace stuff like streaming video and audio. For greater data, there’s the 90GB plan at $89.90 per month, though it runs on Optus 3G.

And that’s about as complex as it gets at Yomojo. Running on the Optus 4G Plus network, except for the 90GB plan, coverage is extensive across Australia. Except for the cheapest $9.90 Kids Plan, Yomojo’s prepaid offerings include unlimited calls and texts to standard numbers in Australia.

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Woolworths Mobile

“Woolies” has had years of experience selling mobile phones, plans and SIM cards from their network of supermarkets around the country. You’d expect they’d have a pretty good idea of what their customers want when it comes to a mobile service. And they’ve delivered a very value-packed offering with their Woolworths Mobile plans. Woolworths operates both as a postpaid service if you buy a phone handset on contract with them, and a prepaid service if you’re like many who want the freedom and lack of financial commitment that brings.

It’s Woolworths’ prepaid options that are especially appealing, particularly when comparing to what Yomojo has to offer. You get started by buying a SIM, either online or at your local Woolworths. You can choose between 12-month SIM-only plans or the prepaid ones if you don’t want to be locked into a contract. The great thing about Woolworths is that whatever contract term you select, you get the same plan inclusions. The difference would be the data bonuses. With 12-month deals, you get bonus data from 2GB to 25GB every month while month-to-month plans only delivers bonuses on select recharges, usually the first two.

Basic inclusions for both 12-month and prepaid plans start with 3GB of data for $20/month, then 10GB for $30/month, 22GB for $40, and the top-end plan offers 35GB for $50/month. These data amounts change frequently depending on Woolworths’ current offers. It’s also worth mentioning that all plans include unlimited talk and text to standard numbers in Australia.

Phone plans are available, too, with the same unlimited call and texts credit and data allowances. The total monthly costs will depend on the handset you’re going to purchase. Moreover, Woolworths seems to be making impressive turns when it comes to mobile features. All of their plans include 100GB data banking and include a free 12-month subscription to Family Zone for parents to manage their kids’ online habits.

Woolworths Mobile runs on the Telstra 3G & 4G network, with all the legendary coverage that brings – and that may be a recommendation in itself!

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Yomojo or Woolworths – which one’s right for me?

Up at the $30 tier, both Yomojo and Woolworths provide fantastic value, with unlimited calls and text and a big slab of mobile data to play with. Woolworths provides slightly more data for the same price point if you’re going to include bonus data into the mix. Also, Woolworths lets you roll over data you don’t use so you can take advantage of it the following month. With Yomojo, on the other hand, you get as much as 15% monthly discounts if you bundle up to six plans to get everyone in the family connected, providing huge savings in the long run.

One thing’s for sure – whichever one you pick, you’re getting a very capable mobile service. It comes with enough data to appease even the hungriest smartphone, at a price that only a few short years ago would have seemed impossible. We’d call that a big win for you.

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