Yomojo vs Vaya: which Offers the Best Mobile Deals?

If you’ve been using a mobile phone for any length of time you’ll already know that it can end up being an expensive business. This especially applies if you’ve locked into a long-term contract and have to sit around watching prices rapidly come down, while everyone else got to enjoy the savings. That’s a good enough reason to always go with a mobile on a no-contract month-to-month plan. And thankfully, both Vaya and Yomojo have your back.

There’s some fierce competition at the lower end of the market these days. Two of the best-value propositions are veteran budget mobile brand Vaya and relative newcomer Yomojo. Both use the Optus 4G Plus network, ensuring coverage pretty much everywhere that people are – and depending on your needs, the monthly price can be astonishingly low. So which one’s for you – Yomojo or Vaya?


Vaya is a name well known to budget-conscious mobile users. Various Vaya mobile deals have won Money Magazine’s award for best value average-use mobile plan three years running. It’s easy to see why when you take a glance at the mobile plans they have on offer. Front and centre is what they bill as “Australia’s cheapest unlimited standard talk and text plan” with a banner price of only $13 per month. Yes, that’s about three bucks a week for unlimited talk and text, along with 1GB of data. The catch? There is one – that price is only available for the first three months. The good news is that the price goes up to only $16 per month after that – less than four bucks a week. You might have to sacrifice a coffee every now and then to pay for your mobile service. However, you’ll be able to keep yourself awake by calling your friends and telling them how much less you’re paying for your mobile than they are!

In reality, of course, 1GB data per month isn’t going to cut it for everyone. While it’s possible to stay within that limit with regular light use, if you’re doing anything frequently online while out and about you’ll need more data. Vaya mobile plans have got that covered with 2GB, 3GB and 8GB offerings. They come at (after the $3 discount in the first 3 months) $22, $26 and $36 respectively. The 3GB plan’s a good choice for regular users, while 8GB for $10 more is excellent for those streaming music, uploading photos and performing similar data-hungry activities.

One caution, though – data on Vaya keeps on flowing even if you go over your limit, at a price of a hefty $10 per GB. As these plans are post-paid only, you’ll need to be sure you’re under your limit or face a nasty surprise on your bank statement.

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Get mobile plans that won’t break the bank with Vaya’s range of plans that come with unlimited talk & text. Plans start from $16/mth with 2GB data + no lock-in contract.


Their big point of difference is a novel one. But when searching for a mobile plan with the goal of as few worries as possible, you probably want plans with unlimited talk and text. So while Yomojo’s unique “personalised” plans are a great idea – they let you tailor your spend on calls, text and data and only pay for what you use – you’re far better off sticking with the unlimited plans. Of course, unless you’re the sort of person who likes micromanaging their usage (or you know you won’t be using the service much at all).

Yomojo’s four unlimited-call-and-text plans range from $19.90 per 30 days up to $44.90, with data allowances running between 2GB at the bottom end and a whopping 12GB at the top. Sitting neatly in the middle is the $29.90 6GB plan, which gives the $26 3GB Vaya plan a run for its money. Especially if you’re a moderate-to-heavy data user, this one’s definitely the plan to go for, with double the data you’d get on Vaya for only one extra cup of coffee per month. We are, of course, assuming you measure all spending in terms of cups of coffee.

Yomojo mobile plans come into their own again at the 12GB end, which is great value for extremely heavy users. The bottom-end 2GB and second-from-top 9GB plans are arguably bested by Vaya’s comparable offerings at those levels.

Like Vaya, if you go over your data limit you start paying extra for it. However, while Vaya charges per extra GB, Yomojo charges per extra MB – 5c/MB to be exact. That’s both good and bad. If you keep on using data over your limit you’ll be up for a slowly escalating fee until you stop. But if you don’t stop, the charge is equal to a hefty $50 per GB.

The verdict

Whether you pick Yomojo or Vaya, you’ll get real value with no worries at all about calls, text or MMS, and some nice big data limits available for very little money. As both are post-paid providers, though, you will need to be sure of your data usage and keep within the limit that you’ve chosen to pay for. Otherwise, you won’t be saving quite as much money as you’d bargained for. With no contracts on either provider, the best thing to do is pick the one with the plan that best clicks with your usage habits. And if you don’t like the service, you’re free to switch without penalty. The consumer wins here – just keep an eye on that data!

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