Yomojo vs Telstra: Which Mobile Service Offers the Most?

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It may seem like a bit of an unfair question to ask whether Yomojo or Telstra is the right contract-free mobile provider for you. After all, Telstra’s acclaimed network coverage comes at a hefty price, right? Well, don’t be so sure – it’s a very competitive market out there these days, and a large part of the reason for that has been the rise of third-party providers like Yomojo. Making use of the existing mobile networks but cutting costs by doing most of their customer interaction online, the new wave of super-value providers has thrown down the gauntlet to the “big three” – and the results can be seen in the plans on offer.

So which of these two is the right provider for you? Can Telstra come close to providing the level of raw value that Yomojo offers? And can Yomojo compete on coverage and data? Let’s take a look at what each provider has to offer to see what your monthly mobile spend can get you.


A fairly recent arrival on the Australian mobile landscape, Yomojo’s big point of difference is personalisation. Uniquely, Yomojo allows you to completely customise the amounts of voice calls, text messages and data allowance you pay for each month. You can use the big friendly sliders on their web site to customise a plan that fits your needs down to the MB. The problem here is that you need to know in advance what those needs are. Calls are measured in minutes, texts by number of messages. Very few of us would be able to say what our regular usage of either of those would be – not with any degree of reliability, anyway. The personalised plans can be useful in some cases, but for most people, the place to be is with Yomojo’s far more conventional Unlimited plans.

These plans give you, as the name suggests, unlimited talk and text within Australia. The only difference between them is the monthly data allowance you get for your money. Plans range from $19.90 to $44.95, which give you 2GB and 12GB respectively – and if you suspect that the real value is to be found somewhere in between these two extremes, you’re right. The $29.90 plan comes with 6GB of data, and is easily the best-priced plan here. After that, you’re jumping to the $39.90 9GB plan, at which point you may as well spend the extra five bucks and go for the 12GB monster if you’re a heavy mobile data user! Yomojo uses the Optus 4G Plus network so your downloads should be nice and speedy.

Note that these are postpaid plans. There’s no contract, so you can change plans or leave any time. But that does mean that data usage above your limit will be billed to you, at a rate of 5c per MB. While that doesn’t sound too bad, you actually don’t want this to happen – it works out to a hefty $50 per GB.

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If we’re going to do a fair comparison of Yomojo with Telstra, we need to be looking for plans with unlimited calls and text as a starting point. And while Telstra mobile plans are more keenly priced than ever, to get unlimited calls you’re looking at a minimum $70 per month on a 12-month contract. So can Telstra compete at all with Yomojo’s seemingly unbeatable contract-free offerings?

As it turns out, they can – you just need to be looking in the right place. It’s Telstra’s Prepaid Plus plans that are the way to go here. They provide substantially better value than you’d think was possible in the prepaid space. Indeed, they give Telstra’s own contract plans a run for their money!

For unlimited calls and texts, you’ve got two options – $40 and $50 per month (a month being 28 days in this case, versus Yomojo’s 30). Both these plans also come with unlimited international calls to ten major countries, along with a modest amount of credit you can spend on international calls and texts to other countries as well as local premium numbers.

The base data limits for these plans is notably smaller than the competition’s – 3GB for the $40 plan and 4GB for the $50 plan. However, Telstra routinely runs offers that boost that data limit substantially. Take for instance the recent “bonus night data” offer that literally doubled the data limit on each plan. Rollover of unused monthly data is possible, too. Being a Telstra service you’ll have full access to their expensive network. Especially great for owners of recent-model high-end smartphones.

And there’s also the perks – the same ones contract customers get. We’re talking a free Apple Music subscription, 200GB OneDrive cloud storage, access to Telstra Air wi-fi hotspots and free streaming of AFL and NRL via their respective apps (which in itself usually costs $90 per year).

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The verdict

We did say it was an unfair fight, and while Telstra’s certainly levelled the playing field substantially with their prepaid plans, the trade-off for the network, the extras and the perks, they still offer a lower data limit than you’ll get by default with Yomojo. We’d recommend Telstra for those who spend a good deal of time talking on the phone rather than chewing through data. With modest data usage both Telstra plans are more than fine even without whatever Telstra deals are around. But if you’re data-hungry, Yomojo is definitely the way to go – just make sure you don’t go over your limit!

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