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In the prepaid market, there are tons of offers vying for your attention. Third-party providers are constantly looking for a point of difference to attract customers that aren’t keen on fixed-term contracts. They want people to feel good about signing up for their service, so they won’t give it up after only a month or two. And fresher brands like Boost and Yomojo certainly emphasise their points of difference strongly – albeit in different ways.

Like with all third-party brands, when you plug one of their SIMs into your phone you’re really connecting to one of the “big three” mobile networks. There are usually some minor limitations involved, most often regarding the way your mobile connects to the network. That basically means you won’t get the data speed you’d see on the main networks themselves – but it’s still blazingly fast.

On Yomojo mobile plans you’ll be connecting to the Optus 4G Plus network, which beat all contenders with its early rollout and high speeds. Plus, its coverage is so close to Telstra’s most would never notice the difference. Boost, meanwhile, is one of the few companies that gets to use the Telstra network with its reputation for vast capacity as well as coverage. In everyday use you’re unlikely to see a difference (blackspots permitting) and data speeds will be limited on both; though to a level that still beats most home broadband connections.

So, what are the points of difference – which is better, Yomojo or Boost? Read on!


Yomojo’s big marketing point of difference is the ability to customise your prepaid service precisely according to your needs for calls, texts and data. However, the telco’s real value lies in their pre-packaged plans, which all include unlimited calls, text and MMS. At the very base level, for $19.90 per 30 days, you get a 2GB data allowance – great for moderate users. But pay only $10 more and you get 6GB, easily the best value plan on offer here for almost everyone. That gives you enough room to use the data capabilities of your smartphone without stressing about going over your limit. At the same time, it doesn’t break the bank.

If more data is what you need, there are 9GB and 12GB plans at $39.90 and $44.90 respectively. If you’re going for the big data, the top plan is easily the better value. An extra 3GB for five bucks is almost a no-brainer!

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Over at Boost, meanwhile, things are a little less straightforward. From the headlines, you’d think Boost was giving you more than any provider reasonably could. After all, their $30 plan boasts 7GB of data, the $40 plan offers 9GB and the $50 plan comes with a huge 11GB.

However, there is some fine print – those numbers are the total for the month (per 28 days, by the way, rather than Yomojo’s 30) . What you actually get with Boost mobile plans is a base data limit, and then 1GB extra data every weekend to make up the total. So, the $30 plan is really a 3GB plan at its core, with the $40 and $50 ones being 5GB and 7GB respectively.

If you’re out on the weekend a lot, uploading photos and laughing at YouTube videos with your friends, then these plans can be very appealing. But if you’re more the sort of person that spreads your data use out throughout the month, you’ll want to look carefully at that base data number and work out if it’s enough for you.

Unlimited international calls and texts are also offered to ten countries on the $40 and $50 plans – not many will need that, but for some it might be a decider.

Boost’s use of the Telstra network does have one other very nice advantage over and above the quality of the network itself, by the way. You can stream Apple Music data-free, just like native Telstra customers.

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Do we have a winner?

When it comes down to Yomojo vs Boost, it’s pretty straightforward. You only have to look at the core basics, as both providers offer unlimited calls and texts.

Yomojo gives you more base data for the money, while Boost spreads their data out over the month with an emphasis on weekends. Yomojo uses Optus, Boost uses Telstra – and depending on your location, that can matter even for calls. And finally, Boost has international call inclusions and data-free music streaming. All in all, both telcos offer great value. It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a mobile service.

The good news, of course, is that no contracts are involved. You can try one out, and if it’s not for you, move on to another. The consumer wins!

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