Yomojo vs amaysim: Which Mobile Service is Best for you?

Remember the days when having a mobile phone meant picking a plan on a two-year contract? And then having to keep a close eye on your calls and texts so you didn’t go over your limit? In those days, your data allowance was enough to get you through a week or two. After that, you had to switch off mobile data and search for a wi-fi hotspot every time you wanted to do something online while out and about. Otherwise, you would have to deal with a massive bill for extra data usage. Luckily, that’s no longer the case. Both Yomojo and amaysim offer great value, so it’s time to take advantage of their affordable plans.

Nowadays, “unlimited” is the word of the week and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding amazing value for that phone or tablet that’s such an essential part of your life. And the best thing? Contracts are a thing of the past. Unless you’re after a brand new phone, you’ll never need to go on a contract again. The freedom to pick and choose the provider that gives you the best value is yours to enjoy.

In the fast-changing world of mobile providers, amaysim is something of a veteran company even though they first arrived on the scene in 2010. They kicked off their brand with what were arguably the cheapest call rates around. That was back when per-minute rates were still a thing, and unlimited calls and text was unheard of. Since then, they’ve pushed hard to give customers bigger and better value, being one of the first companies to introduce an unlimited plan.

Yomojo, on the other hand, is a relatively new arrival on the scene. Their big point of difference is quite a unique one – total customisation of your plan, as long as that’s what you’re after. With a big, bright and bold online presence and a range of options to suit almost every type of mobile user, Yomojo’s straightforward take on the price of your mobile usage – talk, text and data – means you’ll never be in any doubt about what you’re getting for your hard-earned dollar.

But which of these two providers is right for you? Both operate on the Optus 4G Plus network. That means coverage to a vast percentage of the country and fast 4G data available not only in the big cities, but also in major population centres across the land. There are no contracts involved here. You can pick one and road-test a plan, then switch if you’re not happy with what you get. And after all, running on the same network, these two companies are going to be competing on pretty equal ground. It’s the plans and what they offer that matter.

So which one deserves your attention – Yomojo or amaysim? Let’s look at what each has to offer.


Yomojo’s the complete opposite of those mobile providers that bamboozle you with complex plans and their terms, conditions and fine print. Right from the start you’re given two options for Yomojo mobile plans – personalised or unlimited.

The personalised option is Yomojo’s big point of difference and it’s a joy to use on their site. With big interactive sliders to dial up the amount of voice, text, data and international calls you want (calls are measured in minutes, data in MB) you can play around with combinations of all four to tailor a plan precisely built for you. And that’s great if you know exactly what you need – how long you chat on the phone each month, how many texts you send and how much data you go through. For most of us, though, the other two options can be more practical.

It’s the unlimited plans where Yomojo shines though, with hefty data limits across all four plans – starting at 2GB for $19.90 and capping out at a massive 12GB for $44.90. The real value is in the middle, with 6GB for $29.90 or 9GB for $39.90. And yes, all calls (except to premium numbers), texts and MMS messages are unlimited. These are postpaid plans, though, so be warned – if you go over your data limit, you’ll be billed at the rate of 5c per MB, and that can add up quick. With these appealing plan prices it pays to go for one that’s larger than you think you’ll need. After all, you can change plans at any time.

Tablet or mobile router owners looking for data-only plans are well catered for here too. Plans range from 3GB for $15.90 (per 30 days) up to a near-unbeatable 70GB for $85.90. Again, the value’s in the middle of the pack, with the 25GB plan sitting at a comfortable $45.90. Though, if you’re not that heavy a data user, the 10GB $25.90 plan is fantastic value.


Very much focused on providing plans for people that like to talk and text a lot – and not just within Australia, but around the globe as well – amaysim’ s set of four plans all up the ante. They come with not only unlimited calls and text within Australia, but also unlimited international standard calls and texts to ten major countries. The list includes the UK, USA, China, India and New Zealand. And yes, that’s available even on the cheapest plan.

With the focus on calls and text in mind, amaysim’s data limits aren’t quite as generous as Yomojo’s. But they’re hefty enough to cater for both light and heavy users, depending on the price point. And with the price of international calling being potentially huge if you have family or friends overseas, that unlimited calling and texting to some of the most popular phone destinations on the planet is arguably worth more than a couple of extra GB of data that you’ll probably never use anyway.

Amaysim mobile plans kick off at $24.90 (all plans are per 28 days) and cap out at $49.90, with data allowance at the budget end a fairly modest 1.5GB, up to 9GB on the top plan. It’s the $39.90 7GB plan that provides the value balance between calls and data here. But if you’re fairly certain you’ll never come close to using up 7GB of data in a month (and believe us, it’s a lot harder to do than you’d think) then the 3GB plan at $29.90 is very much the one to go for.

If it’s a data-only SIM you’re looking for, there’s a pair of amaysim plans to choose from. Both are aimed at more moderate users. Rather than being a possible replacement for fixed broadband like the Yomojo plans, these are designed for those who want a data SIM for their tablet or laptop. You can stay connected without using huge amounts of data. You’ve got the base 2GB plan, which comes in at a very affordable $15 per 28 days, for powering that tablet out in the wild. Or, if you’re convinced you’re going to need more, you can triple that limit and get 6GB for $35.

As with Yomojo, all amaysim’s postpaid plans come with excess data charges – in this case, $10 per excess GB. A far more affordable excess charge than Yomojo’s, though ideally you’ll pick the right plan for you and not end up going over in the first place! If you opt for prepaid, you’ll need to watch your data limit and either manually top up at $10 per GB or use the 7.2c/MB excess data rate.

Value-Packed Plans on the Optus 4G Plus Network

Get unlimited talk and texts + great data allowances on these amaysim SIM-only deals! Plans come with no lock-in contract.

The verdict

With both Yomojo and amaysim you’ve got access to the basics for your phone no matter what price point you choose. Unlimited calls and texts are the foundation of these plans, and the difference lies in the data and whether or not international calling is valuable to you. You can’t really go wrong with either one. There’s no lock-in contract to worry about, no connection fees or penalties for changing plans or providers. As the customer, the odds are very much in your favour with both. You just need to decide which combination of inclusions works for you at the price you’re willing to pay.

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