How to Troubleshoot Stan Streaming Issues on Chromecast

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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to stream movies and TV shows from Stan onto your big-screen TV is to pick up a Google Chromecast device. It’s a clever little gadget that plugs into a spare HDMI port on your TV and lets you send Stan streams to your TV via your home network. At only $59 for the standard-edition Chromecast, it’s a great way to upgrade your Stan experience to lounge-room size without breaking the bank!

Chromecast is easy to set up (thanks to its step-by-step instructions built into the device itself) and simple to use. But what if you’ve tried to stream from Stan but can’t get it up and running? Check below for a comprehensive list of troubleshooting tips. You should be watching in no time!

I can’t see a picture from the Chromecast on my screen!

Check that you have the right HDMI input selected

It might seem like an obvious one, but we’ve all done it/ After all, TVs these days come with multiple HDMI inputs and they’re not always numbered in order. Have a close look behind your TV at the number of the input you’ve plugged the Chromecast into and double-check that’s the one your TV is set to. Even when not streaming or not yet set up, Chromecast always displays an image of some kind when it’s working.

Make sure Chromecast has enough power to run

While it looks a bit like a USB dongle, Chromecast is an HDMI device. As such, it needs to be powered by an external power source. You can plug the included USB cable into a spare USB port on your TV, but some televisions simply can’t provide enough power to feed the Chromecast. Grab the included plug pack power adapter from the box and connect that to the Chromecast instead for a reliable power source. Note that the 4K Chromecast Ultra must use the included power adapter.

There’s no “cast” icon in my Stan app!

Once you’ve done the setup process for your Chromecast, Stan (and other Chromecast-enabled apps) will display a little “TV” icon at top right for you to tap on to start casting. If you’re not seeing this icon in the app, something’s wrong – and it’s usually easy to fix.

Make sure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network

For Chromecast to work, it must be set up to connect to the same Wi-Fi network that you’re using on your phone or tablet. On most modern modem/routers, this is as simple as selecting the right one and entering the password. But some “dual band” modems keep the two Wi-Fi frequencies they use separate. So if your phone’s connected to 2.4GHz while your Chromecast is connecting to 5GHz, they can’t see each other. To be on the safe side, pick the exact same Wi-Fi hotspot name as you use for your other devices.

Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi in the first place!

We’ve all done it – disabled Wi-Fi on the phone while out and about, then forgotten to re-enable it when we get home. If you’re not seeing the Chromecast icon in the Stan app, take a look at the top of your device screen to make sure you’re actually connected to Wi-Fi.

Check for an update to the Stan app

Stan regularly updates their app to add new features, improve performance and to keep it compatible with changes to the way Chromecast connects (the Chromecast device itself auto-updates regularly). Pop into your device’s app store and make sure you’ve got the latest and greatest version of the Stan app.

Check your Chromecast’s name for special characters

Using non-letter characters – or even spaces – in the name you give your Chromecast during setup can make it hard for apps to properly see the device. It’s always good to use a simple, distinctive name for your Chromecast, but stick to regular letters and numbers rather than getting too creative! If you need to change your Chromecast’s name, you can do that any time you like from the Google Home app on iOS and Android.

Google Chromecast Ultra

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Getting buffering – or the stream not starting at all?

Avoid Wi-fi congestion

Especially if you live in a crowded area such as an apartment building, the surrounding airwaves can be bombarded with dozens of Wi-Fi signals from other people’s devices. That can play havoc with smooth Stan streaming! If your modem or router supports it, switch to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, which is relatively congestion-free.

Give Chromecast a clearer signal

As it dangles behind your TV, your Chromecast can have a hard time communicating with your Wi-Fi modem both because of distance and obstacles (including the TV itself). If your TV is a long distance from your modem, you can try moving the Chromecast out from behind the TV using a short HDMI extension cable. The clearer the line of sight from the Chromecast to the modem is, the better the connection will be. Remember, once you start streaming, your phone or tablet just becomes the remote control. The actual video stream has to go direct from your modem to the Chromecast, so give it the best possible signal and it’ll work perfectly.

And finally…

Make sure your home broadband connection is working fast enough to stream from Stan. Remember, when you’re streaming to your TV with Chromecast, you’re going to be streaming a higher-definition version of your movies and shows compared to what you’d stream directly on a phone. For 1080p HD, Stan recommends your broadband connection be capable of around 7Mbit/sec. Not hard to achieve on the NBN and most ADSL connections. But if you (or someone else in the household) is uploading, downloading or streaming something else on the same connection, that can have a huge impact on your ability to stream Stan smoothly.

If you’re still having issues, don’t be afraid to contact Stan’s excellent support people via their website and social media. Or, drop a question in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help out!

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