Top Five Mobile Plans for Streaming Sport and TV

Sport streaming on a mobile phone in Australia

The introduction of streaming TV has already revolutionised home entertainment – and the same will soon be said for mobile streaming. While data and device capacity had somewhat limited the rollout of world-class mobile streaming, these underlying factors are beginning to change. Now it doesn’t cost a mint for reliable, fast streaming – meaning pretty much anyone on any budget can take their favourite TV shows and sports packages with them wherever they go.

What are the best Mobile Plans for streaming?

Of all the uses for your mobile phone – from checking emails to Facetiming your mum – streaming uses the most data. This means you’ll need a plan that would not exhaust your mobile data needs if you want to make the most of streaming TV. Then, there’s the device itself. Like the difference between a flat-screen and an old black and white telly with a dodgy aerial, don’t forget that your streaming experience will also depend on your mobile device. On that point, we’ve broken down the best streaming-friendly phones on offer. The list breaks down the best devices in the business according to screen size, speakers, battery life and everything else you need for the best mobile streaming experience.

Top Five Plans for Mobile Streaming

We’ve scoured Australia’s mobile plans, searching far and wide for the best options for streaming. There’s a plan for every budget and while most are BYO-device plans, others will have a phone included in the plan already as well. From Telstra Mobile to Southern Phone, we have collated the top five mobile streaming plans available right now. We’ve broken them down by provider, with each having some degree of variance. Here is the list of the best mobile plans for streaming tv and sport.

  • Southern Phone
  • Moose Mobile
  • Belong
  • Telstra Mobile
  • Woolworths

Southern Phone

Southern Phone utilises the Optus network to give you some of Australia’s best coverage at competitive rates. They’ve also sought to target rural and regional areas, which in many cases have not benefited from the same degree of competition as urban and suburban areas. Southern Phone gets a 91% rating in our reviews, one of the highest for a mobile provider. Southern Phone offers loads of mobile plans, which differ mainly according to the data limit. The Green 32 SIM-Only plan has 16GB of data if you lock it in for 12 months. There’s a no lock-in contract option but with lower data allowance. In this case, Green 35 on a month-to-month plan delivers 10GB. The top-end plan would be the Green 40 with 30GB on a 12-month contract and the Green 50 with 15GB on a month-to-month deal.

Southern Phone Best SIM Plans

Get connected from wherever you are with Southern Phone’s SIM only plans, powered by Optus. No lock-in plans with unlimited calls & text start from only $12/mth.

Moose Mobile

If you’re the kind that only streams during your commute or when you have some idle time while you’re out and about, then Moose’s promotional plan, Moose 19.80, is a perfect fit. This SIM-only plan gives you 15GB data for 24 months, plus unlimited calls and text for only $19.80/month. It also comes with no lock-in contracts. With this plan, you’ll have just the right amount of data to catch up on those missed moments from your favourite shows or to tune in to special live sporting events on the go.

Best-Value Plans from Moose

Get your money’s worth with Moose Mobile’s range of affordable and high-value plans. No-contract plans start at $8.80/mth, powered by the Optus 4G network.

Belong Mobile

If you’re in need of a large amount of data but don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract, then Belong’s Telstra network-backed offers is the right option for you. Their SIM-only plans are a great fit for those looking to not get locked up in long-term contracts and still reap huge data allowances for less money. Among their best offers is the Large plan, which gives you 40GB at $40 per month, perfect for binge-watching your way through your favourite shows and movies. This plan also comes with unlimited national calls and texts, as well as unlimited international calls to selected countries.

Flexible Mobile Plans from Belong

Get more for less with Belong Mobile starting at only $10/month, giving you 1GB data + unlimited calls & texts and no lock-in contract, plus many other perks!

Telstra Mobile

Probably the most serious contender on our list, Telstra Mobile gives you more than enough data plus many other freebies. Their new postpaid plans give you 60GB for only $60/month on a monthly contract. On top of that, this plan comes with the standard free Apple Music subscription, year-round sport when you stream all of Australia’s major sporting codes such as the AFL, NRL, Netball, Hyundai Al-League, etc. data-free, and access to Telstra Air hotspots across the country. Plus free 5G network access trial until 30 June 2020 for the lower end plans and no excess data charges in Australia.

Get More Flexibility with Telstra!

Telstra now offers the ultimate flexibility with new month-to-month mobile broadband plans with no lock-in contracts + no excess data charges in Australia. Plans start from $15/mth & comes with 5G access free trial.

Woolworths Mobile

Woolworths is widely known for its reasonably priced prepaid plans. Apart from offering huge data, each plan also comes with a number of extra features that would give more value for your money. If you want an all-inclusive prepaid plan, our pick would be the Small plan. At only $30/30 days, you already get 30GB data plus unlimited national calls and texts, unlimited international calls and text to 22 countries, and 200GB data bank. You even get 10% off your grocery expenses with Woolworths Rewards linked to your mobile account. Now isn’t that quite a steal?

Worthwhile Family Mobile Plans

Get everyone connected with Woolworths’ Happy Family Mobile Plans. Enjoy unlimited calls & texts, large data + bonuses with plans from $10/mth.

Which is the best plan for Streaming?

Whether it’s streaming the latest episodes of Westworld or making sure that you don’t miss all the action from the Hyundai A-League, you’re sure to have the right amount of data you need to make it happen with these top mobile streaming plans. Best to check just how much you’re willing to pay for a monthly plan and what freebies and perks you’d want to receive before signing up and streaming away to your heart’s content!

Compare Mobile | Plans, Deals + Carriers

Telstra Mobile Broadband Plans compare all now Southern Phone 14GB for $22/mth


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