Top 5 Broadband and Bundling Plans for Renters

5 Best Broadband Plans for Renters

There are plenty of advantages to renting: the freedom to move wherever you want, less responsibility and no mortgage hanging over your head. For a long time however, you were at a serious disadvantage when it came to broadband contracts.

The Need to Get Connected

These days, getting the internet connected is about as important as electricity, water and gas. Broadband contracts will usually attach to your address. They tend to have a long duration and will sometimes include penalties if you need to terminate the contract early.

This can be a real problem. In our wide brown land, not all homes are connected to the NBN. In many cases you won’t be able to move your plan to another address; and even if you can, you might encounter difficulties along the way. Connection fees will also apply in some cases – even where your home connects to the NBN.

Even more problematic is that with a minimal notice period on most leases, you’re not going to have a great deal of time to sort out your broadband contract while everything else is up in the air. While sometimes you’ll be able to switch, this tends to be at the discretion of the telco – which doesn’t fill most tenants with a whole lot of confidence.

Broadband Options for Renters

Then there’s broadband bundling, which means putting all of your telecommunications services – i.e. home and mobile phone, internet and television services – into the same, you guessed it, bundle. This will be more convenient, but generally speaking might be less suited to individuals who will want some aspects of the bundle but not others.

Choosing a broadband plan can be tough at the best of times. In order to take just a little bit of pain out of the process, we’ve compiled a list of the top five broadband internet plans for renters.

Before we get into the list, there’s always the option of contract-free plans. These might sound good, particularly for renters, however you’ll pay a premium for the ‘freedom’ of not having a contract, which can mean you lose out in the long term. Companies have been made aware of the difficulties that some customers will face when having to move and have responded by producing so-called ‘casual plans’. These, like all of the listed plans, will have some advantages and some disadvantages, so consult the list to see which plan is right for you.

Top Five Broadband and Bundling Plans for Renters

Southern Phone

Southern Phone might not have the name recognition of some of the larger players who have been on the landscape for a bit longer, but they’ve become popular in recent years – and with good reason. Southern Phone’s NBN plans come without connection fees or contracts – a huge advantage for renters. Their NBN lineup is one of the cheapest, while their phone support team is completely based in Australia.

The NBN Small plan offers 100GB data at $50/month. Add $10 more per month and you get yourself unlimited data on the NBN12 speed tier. Speed boosts are available as well — Turbo speed is at $70/month while Max speed is at $100/month. As for bundles, there are loads to choose from. The flexibility of Southern Phone is better suited for singles and couples, however, as their bundling system prioritises tailoring and flexibility rather than all the services at a convenient low price.

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Get connected today with Southern Phone broadband, offering a great range of NBN plans for all needs and budget. NBN plans start at only $50/mth and come with no lock-in contract.


MyRepublic’s 12-month broadband plans are quite a catch, but the good news to renters out there — so are the telco’s month-to-month deals. From $74.95 per month, you can get connected with MyRepublic‘s Unlimited Essential plan configured on NBN50. If you want to get to the next available speed tier, that’d be the Premium Speed plan at $89.95 when you BYO modem. The Essential plan is configured on NBN50 with typical evening speed of 43Mbps while the Premium option offers typical evening speed of 83Mbps, placing remarkable value on whatever plan you end up getting — all with no lock-in contract, zero upfront costs, and an included landline connection!

Super-Fast NBN with MyRepublic

Get unlimited data at super-fast speeds with MyRepublic’s NBN100 plans from $89.95/mth + score $10 off for the first 12 months. Offer ends 21 July 2019.


Tangerine has carved out their name as NBN specialists in recent years. They offer prepaid and casual deals which are just perfect for renters. Their Standard plan starts at $54.90 with 21Mbps typical evening speed, with their next plans (XL SPEED BOOST and XXL SPEED BOOST at $64.90 and $79.90) offering 42Mbps and 83Mbps respectively. They also offer a 14-day trial and a $10 monthly discount for the first six months. These deals rank among some of the best out there for renters – however unfortunately they are NBN only.

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MATE definitely offers the best broadband options in terms of flexibility and value-packed NBN plans. If you’re a renter who moves a lot, you’ll easily appreciate the telco’s no lock-in contract on all plans with $0 setup fees. From $59/month you score unlimited data on the NBN12 speed tier. Just add $10 more per month and you get to the next speed configured on NBN50. If there’s lots of HD streaming and gaming involved, you might want to boost your speed to NBN100 at $89/month.

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Grab the best deals on NBN & ADSL with Mate Communicate. Unlimited data + no lock-in contracts + no setup fees. NBN plans start at $59/mth.


Telstra’s new standalone internet plans no longer have their usual 24-month requirement. There are two data plans to choose from — Core with 200GB data at $75/month and Unlimited at $90/month, both on a month-to-month term. There’s still the dreaded $216 modem and $99 connection fees, although for now the latter is being waived if you sign up online.

As for bundles, Telstra offers Unlimited + Telstra TV for $99/month. This includes the new Telstra TV with a $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit. Entertainment bundles are now on a month-to-month plan as well. Entertainment enthusiasts can also choose to add Foxtel Drama or Foxtel Sports into their internet plan on a monthly setup.

Moving home? Get connected with Telstra’s New Home Internet Plans

Stay flexible with Telstra’s new broadband plans starting at $75/mth. Get unlimited calls + no lock-in contracts.

Choose Before You Move!

So you see, it’s really not that hard to plan your broadband connection setup for when you move or are just renting out. Some of Australia’s top internet providers have made it very easy for you to choose from their plans that reflect the way you use the internet, not the way they think you should.


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