Top 10 Reasons to Use Netflix

Netflix has just launched in Australia, so you definitely might be wondering whether you should sign up. Is it actually as great as you’ve heard? If you are still unsure about joining Netflix, the 10 reasons mentioned in this article will certainly help you make a decision.

1. Huge Selection of Movies & TV Shows

Quite clearly, you want good movies and TV shows to watch. That is exactly what Netflix delivers! With the largest content library in the video streaming business, you have over 10,000 blockbuster movie and TV show titles to choose from and stream instantly.

2. Convenient

Considering the fact that video rental stores are disappearing quickly, the rental service offered by Netflix is quite convenient. You can rent from a huge selection of movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray, which are delivered directly to your mailbox.

3. Has a Month-Long Trial Offer

Having second thoughts about joining? If so, get the trial offer and try the service for a whole month completely free of cost. During the trial, you can watch as many movies and TV shows as you desire, giving you ample time to assess whether the service works for you or not.

4. Delivers Quickly

So you rented out a few movies or TV shows you wanted to watch. How long does it take to arrive? Well, delivery usually takes a day or two maximum, which compared to other similar services is significantly faster.

5. No Late Fees Involved

Once you get your rented movies or TV shows, you can keep them for as long as you want. The best thing of all: when you do return them, there are no late fees!

6. It’s like a Social Network

Netflix is like a social network for movies. Not only will you see what other users are watching, but you will also be able to connect, make suggestions and a lot more. You will have access to millions of other streamers like you!

7. It’s Affordable

Subscription plans start from $8.99, which means you will be spending a relatively small amount of money to watch your favorite movies and TV shows instantly. It is a reasonable price considering the number of movies and TV shows you can watch.

8. Gives You HD Streaming

Netflix subscriptions come with HD screen play, so you can watch your favorite content in the best image quality possible.

9. Considers Your Children

While children will be able to log in and select the content they wish to watch, you, as a parent, can set parental controls to block access to inappropriate content.

10. Unsubscribe Whenever You Like

There are no contracts involved. This means you have the freedom to unsubscribe whenever you like.

As you can see, Netflix is one of the best video streaming and movie rental services out there. It’s a must-try!