The Ultimate Netflix Australia Binge-Watch Survival Guide

There’s no shortage of shows to binge on Netflix Australia. Time to stock up on snacks, get comfy, and browse through the platform’s extensive content for something that suits your mood and meets your most burning watching desires.

Maybe you would like to see what Stranger Things is all about. Maybe BoJack Horseman will turn out to really win you over. Or maybe you just want to chill back with a few romantic comedies or laugh out loud courtesy of the streaming giant’s comedy specials. Whatever you choose, we have a few tips that will help you ensure a pleasant and distraction-free binge-watch session. Here’s how to get through a movie/TV marathon like a champ.

1. Pick your poison

Netflix has plenty to offer, so the first thing you must do is decide what show is going to get you hooked. Netflix provides subscribers with short descriptions of the series and movies, so it should be fairly simple to figure out if a certain offering would appeal to you. Use Binge Clock to calculate approximately how much it will take you to binge some of the most popular shows ever.

2. Take a shower

Personal hygiene is important. When you’re planning to spend the next couple of days in the sole company of your laptop, it becomes more important than ever. You won’t feel flawless waking up with Cheetos in your hair and popcorn in your jammies, just a fair warning. There were actual studies made to support this statement. Apparently, frequent binge-viewers are two times as likely as infrequent binge-viewers to skip showering.  Don’t become part of the statistic.

3. Tell someone

In the age of social media, going off the grid for two hours can lead to panicky phone calls from friends, let alone two days. Let them know you will be otherwise engaged, to avoid waking up with a concerned search party at your door. A quick status update or a group text should do the trick.

4. Surround yourself with necessities

Water, chips, lollie, popcorn, lemonade, pickles & cheese, wine – stock up on essentials before embarking on your binge-watch adventure. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to change into decent clothing and head out to the market in the middle of your marathon to pick up toilet paper.

Bonus tip: buy some fruits and veggies as well. You will likely hate yourself a little when the binge-watch is over, so it’s good to eat something that makes you feel like a responsible human being again.

5. Avoid spoilers

Since there’s a good chance that you and your fellow Australians social media friends will binge-watch the same things, it’s a good idea to take some precautions to avoid being flooded with dreaded spoilers. Mute Twitter accounts you know to be prone to spoil you and temporary unfollow Facebook buddies likely to divulge plot twists. Additionally, mute your phone, just in case. You’re good to go.

6. Between episodes

Stretch. Go to the bathroom. Call your mom. Get your head out the window and gaze at the outside world. When you’re heavily into a show it’s hard to remember there’s life beyond the screen. Three minutes of walking around your apartment will do your body a whole lot of good.

7. Pace yourself

Binge-watching isn’t for everybody. It doesn’t give you more street cred and it doesn’t make you look more interesting. If you’re not into a certain show, ditch it, no matter how much it was praised by critics or friends. Life’s too short to watch crappy TV. On the same note, if you get tired, don’t force yourself to get just one more episode in and go to bed. Netflix will still be there in the morning, waiting patiently for your return.

Binge-watching is both wonderful and horrible, since going back to reality after two days of non-stop screen gazing can be brutal. If you’re not used to prolonged viewings, start small. Four episodes now, three more in the evening, five more the next day. As long as your bed doesn’t have other engagements, it seems like a good plan.