Compare the Best iPrimus Mobile Plans in Australian Market

iPrimus is among the earliest telecommunication companies to enter the Australian market back in 1997. Their original focus was internet and home phone services, but now they also offer SIM-only mobile plans over Optus’ 4G network.

iPrimus also offers SIM-only plans, all of which are available on no-lock-in, month-to-month contracts, as well as on a 12-month contract. We have explored iPrimus’ mobile offerings for you to pick the best mobile plan among their options from.

PlanCostDataCall & texts
1.5 GB Plus $20 1.5 GB Unlimited
3 GB Plus $30 3 GB Unlimited
10 GB Plus $50 10 GB Unlimited (Plus 300 minutes for international calls to select countries)

If you happen to exceed your monthly data cap, you will automatically be topped up with a charge of $12 per 1GB, which gets added to your monthly postpaid bill. It is important to note that even if you didn’t end up using the entire 1GB, you will still be charged $12.

These no-lock-in plans are ideal for travellers and students who are looking for a plan that will let them stay connected at affordable rates.

iPrimus 12 month plans

For those who have family and/or business connections abroad, iPrimus has made staying in touch a whole lot more economical for you. The standout offering here is clearly their international call allowances and if you are someone who prefers talking over typing, then these plans will definitely appeal to you. It has three SIM-only mobile plans, all on a 12-month contract, that give you unlimited calls and texts plus additional international minutes. A lot of international minutes! The plans are as follows:

PlanCostDataInternational Minutes
Basic $35 18GB 350
Optimal $45 30GB 1500
Premium $55 40GB 3000

To further understand the merits of each plan, let’s look at them individually.

Mobile Plans

Mobile Plan Small
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • $10/mth credit for 12 months on select mobiles
  • Mobile Plan Small
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Unlimited Calls & Text
  • 40GB Data
  • No excess data charges in Australia
  • Unlimited Telstra Air® Wi-Fi data
  • $55/mth
Min Cost - $55 over 1 month + extra handset fee over 24 months

Moose 8.80 - 1GB
  • Moose 8.80 - 1GB
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • 300 mins Calls
  • 1GB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
  • Cancel anytime
  • No exit or penalty fees
  • $8.80/mth
Min Cost - $8.80 over 1 month

Last audited 15 October 2020

12 Month plan Breakdown

The 12 month SIM-only plans are billed on a monthly basis and are available on Optus 4G network. Each plan has an upfront cost of $10 set up fee that is added to your monthly amount for the first month. Like their no-contract plans, you can automatically get a 1GB top up for $10 once you exceed your monthly data cap.

iPrimus Basic

Let’s say you’re an international student who needs to connect with family over a call a couple of times a week and mostly use WiFi for Skype calls. For $35 per month, this plan is a minimalist yet practical option. Besides the unlimited calls and texts, you get 350 international calling minutes to 40 countries and 18GB data. Your first month will cost you an extra $10 for setting up your account, which means you’ll pay a minimum of $45 for the first month and $35 thereafter. This plan ticks all the boxes for a conservative user, who reserves their international calling minutes for the most important calls.

iPrimus Optimal

A more filled out plan compared to its ‘Basic’ counterpart, this plan gives you significantly more international calling minutes and a sizeable data allowance. At $45 per month, iPrimus’ Optimal plan allows for up to 1500 international calling minutes. That’s 25 hours of international talk time per month! Your first month will cost you $55 and then $45 thereafter. This plan would suit people who enjoy staying in touch with friends and family abroad via phone calls and don’t want to worry about their bill exploding over a few international calls per week.

iPrimus Premium

The most loaded plan of lot, this plan gives you a chunky 40GB of data and allows for 3000 international call minutes per month to 40 countries. If you have family or business connections abroad, $55 per month is a pretty sweet deal. Again, you will be charged $65 for the first month and then $55 for the following months. Unless you genuinely spend a lot of time talking to connections abroad (long distance relationship, perhaps?), we imagine it would be quite the challenge to use up all that talk time!

How suitable is iPrimus for you?

Now that we’ve covered all the iPrimus Mobile plans, the best way to figure out which would be the best plan for you is to know what your needs are. The easiest approach is by means of elimination. If you do not need international calling at all, then you needn’t consider the 12 month contract plans as they concentrate heavily on international call minutes. The SIM-only line up would probably have something for you.

Our pick is the 3GB Plus which will give you 3GB of data, unlimited calls and texts to Australian numbers for a reasonable $30 per month. Most of us connect to the WiFi at work or at home for our data consuming applications, so your mobile data cap should be sufficient. However, if you did exceed your data cap, iPrimus won’t leave you in the lurch. You can still get a 1 GB top up for $12. You can cancel this month-to-month plan at any time without a termination fee, which takes the pressure of long term commitment off your shoulders.

Now on the other hand, if you are a user that absolutely needs international talk time in their lives and can commit to a 12 month contract, then the iPrimus Optimal is our recommendation for you. You have 25 hours of international talk time per month, a generous 30GB of data and you’ll only be paying an extra $15 per month compared to the 3GB Plus! That’s the price of roughly 3 flat whites for more international talk time.

Does it get better?

iPrimus’ mobile plans are quite possible among the best offerings on the market today, especially if your needs require more calls and texts. However, if you’re a data junkie then there are far more eminent options from providers of the likes of Vodafone, Moose Mobile and Amaysim. It is worth investing some time shopping around for the best plan to suit you. We’ve only made it a little easier for you.

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