OVO vs Woolworths: Ultimate Showdown of Cheap Phone Plans

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The days of spending big on your monthly mobile phone bill are long behind us. Now, more and more incredible deals start to appear almost as frequently as new providers do. At the budget end of the market, customers have never had it so good. As long as you’ve got a mobile phone handset ready to go, you get to pick and choose from some incredible deals. OVO and Woolworth are both offering amazing plan, so read on to find out what’s available.

Very new to the mobile marketplace, OVO Mobile has been making waves – as much with its unusual extras as with its well-priced prepaid plans. And while supermarket giant Woolworths might be one of Australia’s largest companies, its entry into the mobile field as a provider is relatively recent. But you can bet that they’re tying their service in with their loyalty scheme. Which means big savings for their customers.

Which one of these providers has the best cheap phone plans, then – OVO or Woolworths? We investigate.


Quietly nudging their way into an already crowded market, OVO got attention right away. That’s mainly thanks to OVOPlay, the free service it gives away with any of its compact range of OVO mobile plans. It’s a specialised streaming service only accessible to OVO customers (who can view it on their mobile device or, if they prefer, in a desktop PC web browser). OVOPlay has had a decided sporting focus since launch, boasting coverage of some very desirable motorsports (including 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series, World Superbikes, Formula Drift, and even Australian gymnastics). More coverage will be added in future. Customers can stream OVOPlay as much as they like without using up any of their precious data limit, too.

Extras aside, OVO is managing to kick goals with the mobile plans themselves. With four unlimited-call-and-text plans ranging from $19.95 to $49.95 per 30 days, there’s one thing to separate the plans from each other – the data allowance.

At the base level, $19.95 gets you 2GB of data. So this is a plan best suited for those who make voice calls and text more than surf and stream. Ten dollars more, though, gets you the $29.95 6GB plan, followed by the $34.95 plan packing 15GB. If you’re an absolute data monster and need even more, the top $49.95 plan gives you a whopping 20GB to play with.

OVO does have a cheaper plan, by the way, but they are designed mainly for kids’ use. They come with parental supervision available in the form of a free subscription to the Family Zone service and very restrictive call and data limits with only 1GB and $500 worth of national calls for only $9.95/month.

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Woolworths Mobile

Keeping things extra-simple, Woolworths mobile plans come down to three choices. There’s also a cheap $10 option, but with barely any data and calls it’s best ignored. You’ve got the option of 30-day recharges of $30 or $40, both of which give you unlimited calls, text, and MMS within Australia, as well as unlimited international calls to 10 countries. The $30 plan also throws in $100 of credit for all other international countries and premium numbers, while the $40 plan provides $200 credit. There’s also the $50 recharge offering the same national and international call inclusions except that it gives a massive $300 credit to use for other premium services.

In terms of data limits, you’re not going to be quite matching what OVO offers at similar prices. However, Woolworths plans offer data rollover, so any unused data at the end of the month automatically gets added to next month’s limit, up to a cap of 30GB. The $30 plan comes with 5GB data, the $40 plan ups that to 14GB while the $50 plan delivers 20GB. And best of all, if you sign up for the service using a Starter Pack ($40 and $50) – which you’ll have to do since that’s how you get the SIM card – you get bonus data with every recharge.

And that’s not all. If you have a Woolworths Rewards card (free to sign up for if you don’t) then you get 10% on all recharges, taking the plan prices down and putting the latter plan in tight competition with OVO’s offerings. The inclusion of international calls here might seal the deal for some.

Woolworths Mobile operates on the Telstra network, too – one of the few third-party providers to do so. While they won’t have access to the sort of blistering data speeds that native Telstra customers get, the vast network coverage and reliability is going to be a big drawcard.

The verdict

There’s so much great value here it’s a decision that’ll come down to very specific things, depending on what you want and need. OVO’s got the edge easily on their higher plans when it comes to data allowance, and there’s free sports streaming in there to sweeten the deal. Woolworths, meanwhile, gives you access to the Telstra network at a price that’s very tempting when combined with the call inclusions. Don’t forget to get a Rewards card to get the best monthly price. There’s value aplenty here, so you win either way!

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